Sunday, October 28, 2007

Krystals: How many can you eat?

This afternoon we raced home from church, wolfed down some sandwiches, changed clothes in a frenzy and loaded up in the Explorer. You are probably wondering, "What in the world was SO important that they raced around like that?" Let me take you back to Friday night.....

Friday night was movie night at our house. Chandler had been dying to rent "Meet the Robinsons". I picked up a pizza (Can't beat Little Caesar's $5.00 large pepperoni) and we sat in the living room together over pizza and a movie.
At one point during all of this family fun, Brandon looks over at me and says, "Do you know what happens on Sunday?"
My obvious answer, "football?"
His response, "No, well yes, but I mean other than football."
(You heard it here first girls!!! There is something other than football on Sunday afternoon!!!!)

The next few words are ones that I will not soon forget.....
"The World Championship of Krystal Eating!!!" (or something similar... ok I did forget the EXACT words he used)
My not so excited reponse, "On tv?"
His extremely excited reply, "NO IN CHATTANOOGA!!!"
At this point he realizes that I'm not quite as excited as he thought I would be so he tries to sell me on it, "There will be games for the kids, free give aways and FREE KRYSTALS!"
I figure I can get Chandler to go and keep her happy with the thought of getting to play games so I give in and we decide to go.

THAT is why we were racing around like crazy people on a Sunday afternoon.

However, the event started at noon. The contest did not start until 2:30. We got there about 1:30... the games are gone, the free give away consisted of some pom-poms and big blowup noise sticks (see pictures below) AND the line for free Krystals is never ending! (I shouldn't be surprised... free food = all the people in the tri-state area trying to get there before it runs out... it did run out before we got any... I was NOT going to stand in that line with Chandler AND Riley. We did manage to get some free drinks.)

There is an upside to all of this! The event was televised LIVE on ESPN. I sent my sister a text message that said, "ESPN 2:30. Look for us". Well, she did and SHE SAW US! Well, actually she only saw me. We were only on for a second and she was looking for me so she's not sure if Brandon and the girls were on there or not.

We actually had a lot of fun and I'm glad we went. Maybe we'll do it all again next year... with better planning of course!

Here are a few pictures from our day at the Krystal Square Off IV World Hamburger Eating Championship!!!

Something more important must have been going on just over my shoulder!

Chandler when she finally came to grips with the fact that there were not going to be any games for her to play... like we promised!

The contest in full swing. It only lasts 8 minutes!

The winner. 8 minutes. 103 Krystal burgers. Joey Chestnut!!
(left to right: George Shea, Pat Bertoletti(3rd place), Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, Krystal Kitty (Joey's burger counter), and "Humble" Bob Shoudt(2nd place))

Chandler's free noise sticks

Our competitive eating champ!!!!

Chandler and Mom outside of the Tennessee Aquarium... this is actually the spot where Brandon proposed to me.

another picture outside of the Aquarium.


Nathan Bradfield said...

How fun this must have been.

Didn't know you had a blog. Congrats on your new addition. Little Riley is very cute. Check out my blog too.