Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Huh? What?

Chandler just walked into the room wearing an old Halloween costume...

Halloween 2006
3 Years Old

C: "Mom? Does this dress make me look skinny?"
J: "Yep. It sure does Chan."
C: "Yeah. I thought so. That's why you shouldn't give it to me"
J: "What? Why?"
C: "Because it makes me look skinny."
J: "Oh. Well what's wrong with that?"
C: "MOM!" (said like I had just totally offended her!)
J: "What? What's wrong with it? Do you think I'm skinny?"
C: "Uh... No."
J: "Well what am I then?" (cringing and waiting for her response...)
C: "You are... nice... and smooth."


Then she ran off to change into another costume.

Strange child!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh i can't WAIT for your responses...

so back in april i got my nose pierced...

well this weekend...

i got a tattoo. :)

yes. it's large. i know.

Trish and I took a trip back to Nashville to hear the band, Josh Garrett and the Bottomline.
While we were there we decided to get tattoos... it was totally a spur of the moment thing. I have been talking about possibly getting one for a while and I already had a few ideas of what I wanted. I showed Jay (my tattoo artist) a picture of what I had found online and he said, "can I draw you something better?"

so, he did...

on my back...

with a marker...


me excited... thinking "getting a tattoo isn't so bad"

the finished drawing

me gripping that chair for dear life

it hurt! i'm not gonna lie to you!
thinking, "wow... maybe it's not as easy as i thought it would be!"

it hurt so much that i cried!

AND i told Jay it was worse than child birth. lol

ok, looking back on it... just based on the pain factor... it rivals child birth because you can't get an epidural for a tattoo! :)

(it's not red like that anymore...)

no. i am not crazy. no. i have not lost my mind.
i wanted a tattoo. the opportunity presented itself. i did it. :)



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live Blogging...

These words are currently coming out of Riley's mouth as she sits in front on Annie on the floor at my feet...

"Mommy. Annie Cute!"

"Mommy. Annie have eyes!"

"Mommy. Annie tail."

"Tail Mommy"

"Tail Mommy"

"Mommy see? Annie Tail"

"Hey Annie"

"Mommy. Annie ears."

"Awwww... mommy! Annie toes." (that one cracked me up!)

"Annie? See toys?"

"Annie? Play?"

"Annie? Sweepy?"

"Annie? Go poop?"

"Annie Outside?"

"Wywee sneaky puppy"

"I sneaky puppy"

"Annie. Hey!" (while squeezing Annie's face)

"Ouch Annie" (after Annie clawed at Riley to get away... lol)

Did I mention she was screaming periodically? Good Grief!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Looking for a job?

Times are hard. The economy is "dodgy". People are "fortunate" if they have a job right now... not a job they love... just a job.

So, I have an offer for you...

I STINK at puppy training! I'm seriously toying with the idea of hiring someone to train my puppy NOT to poop or pee in my house!

Anyone need a job? :)

**Oh! If you can potty train Riley in the process I would be eternally grateful!