Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, technically Thanksgiving is not until tomorrow, but we'll be on the road then so it's a Happy Early Thanksgiving to my bloggy friends! (Unless you live in Australia... it's already Nov. 27th there so "Happy American Holiday that my Australian friends don't Celebrate"!!)

I hope every everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving surrounded by friends, family, loved ones and FOOD!

I just finished making my dirt cake for tomorrow's big lunch. :)

Now I'm off to figure out what in the world I will wear!!

**Thanks to all of you who asked about Chandler... she is feeling much better today. No races to the bathroom since about 4am this morning! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On my list for today...

Here's what today's to-do list looked like before I went to bed last night...

*Get a shower
*Get Chandler ready for school
*Get Riley changed
*Take Chandler to school
*Feed Riley breakfast
*Sort the dirty clothes
*Start the laundry
*Go to Chattanooga for a dentist appointment
*Finish my Twilight movie review
*Send a few e-mails
*Feed Riley lunch
*Put Riley down for a nap
*Start more laundry
*Clean the living room
*Get Chandler from school
*Start more laundry
*Work on dinner
*Eat dinner
*Pack, pack, pack

Nothing too exciting.

Here's what happened...

*Awake at 3:30am to Chandler yelling, "Mom! Dad! I'm gonna throw up!"
*Brandon takes care of Chandler
*I take care of Riley who has been startled awake by Chandler's yelling
*Tuck Chandler into my bed
*Console Riley for about 45 minutes
*Fall asleep on Chandler's twin bed with Riley poking me in the face until she passes out
*Awake at 6:00am to go crawl back into my bed
*Awake at 7:00am to Chandler asking if she can go to the bathroom to throw up!
*Get a quick shower... hoping that Chandler doesn't get sick while I'm in there!
*Make Chandler a bed out on the sofa
*Get a cup of coffee... finally!
*Startled to death to find Riley standing behind me as I pour my coffee... I forgot she wasn't in her crib!
*Ask Brandon to cancel my dentist appointment
*Console Chandler after Riley smacks her in the head with a "Little People" van
*Sort the laundry
*Start a load of laundry
*Watch "Elf" with the girls
*Send a few e-mails
*Give both girls medicine
*Make lunch for Riley
*Put Riley down for a nap
*Fall asleep on the love seat watching Dora
*Wake to Chandler climbing on top of me!
*Finish my Twilight Movie Review
*Get Riley up from her nap...
*Take the sheets off of her crib... because she took off her pants and diaper at some point and wet the bed.
*Take some Tylenol............

Twilight: The Movie Review

Ah Twilight...

First, I will have to say that since it has been a few days since I saw the movie, I'm having a hard time remembering specific details PLUS I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who are still planning to see it... although, if you've read the books and seen the trailers there's really nothing I can tell you that is an actual "spoiler" since it stayed pretty true to the book.

Any doubts I may have still had about the casting... GONE! I LOVED EVERYONE! Well, some of Bella's "human friends" were a little obnoxious, but I had to remind myself that they were probably supposed to be that obnoxious since Twilight is told through Bella's perspective and she's never really been a carefree high school kid.

I think that's also why I enjoy Robert Pattinson as Edward.
When the cast list first came out I heard a lot about, "He's not gorgeous enough to be Edward Cullen."
Well, again, Twilight is told through Bella's perspective... he's gorgeous to her! (By the way, I think Robert Pattinson is quite attractive and he is a WONDERFUL Edward... in my opinion)
The person that you love is not always as attractive to everyone else as he or she is to you!!

So, back to the review...

The music... PERFECT! If you haven't had a chance to get the soundtrack, I HIGHLY recommend it. Now, I will say that as much as I enjoy Rob playing Edward, I don't so much enjoy his singing voice. (SORRY KRISTY!)
It's not that he's a "bad" singer... I just have a VERY hard time understanding ANYTHING that he's singing. I do enjoy the guitar though. :)
But the places in the movie where they play his music are great!

Favorite track on the CD... Track #1: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

What makes that track even better is that it is played during my favorite scene in the movie!!!

The baseball scene... PERFECT! I loved everything about that scene, but my favorite is when Jasper does "the bat toss"... if you've seen the movie, you know exactly what I'm talking about. :)

Other noteworthy scenes...
**Edward taking Bella home to meet his family. I love Esme and Emmett's excitement over meeting Bella. When Emmett says, "Her name's Bella"... That was hystrical!

**Charlie telling Bella that he put a new can of pepper spray in her purse!

**The "bad" vampires... I really liked them! Rachelle Lefevre was crazy creapy!

Ok. What I didn't like... there's really not much to say here...

**I didn't like the "sparkling" effect they used on Edward... It kind of made me think of a movie I saw (don't remember the name) where someone had acid poured on their face... it kind of had the same distorted effect.
I think I expected it to be more of a glowing with a little glitter... not quite so "crystallized".

**I wasn't crazy about Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. He was fine for the 1st movie, but if you've read any of the rest of the series you probably see the problem I'm having believing that he'll be able to pull off a convincing Jacob in the next movie. :) That's not a slam at his acting ability... I just don't know if he can do it physically... Ugh! I don't want to give away anything to those of you that are still planning to read the rest of the series so that's really all I can say!!!

**Here's something that was ADDED to the movie... at the time it didn't bother me, but after thinking about it for a little it does...
There is an "uninvited guest" at the prom... not a "him", but a "her"... Umm, hello!? Edward would have known she was there! He would have known the second they walked into the prom if not before... not just by reading thoughts, but by smell.
I understand why they did it... theatrical reasons... a good transition to the next movie and like I said, at the time I didn't think anything of it and I actually thought, "That's cool. Good foreshadowing", but now it bugs me a bit.

Things I wish we could have seen in the movie...
I understand that these things had to be cut because of time constrants, but IF they had an extra hour, I would have added these...
**The 1st time Edward invited her to sit with him at lunch... I would LOVE to see the faces of the "human friends".
**Blood typing in biology class. :)
**Jasper's and Alice's interaction with Bella in Phoenix. I feel like we lost insight into Jasper. :( And, if I remember correctly, they never mentioned his ability to manipulate emotions.

So, there you have it...
I enjoyed it.
I was pleased with it.
I will buy it on DVD.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Time!

I have NOT been to see Twilight yet... I know, I know... I'm just as surprised as you are!

We are planning to see it tomorrow at 2:25... You can be on the lookout for my review in the near future. :)

It was released today that there will be a movie made of the 2nd book in the Twilight series, New Moon.

Go here to read about it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kindergarten Pictures!

Chandler brought home her school pictures today. We had already seen the proof and really liked it so I ordered enough for all of our family...

I made her PROMISE that she would smile... a real smile not a smirk... I think she did a pretty good job. I just hate that we can't see those missing two front top teeth! Her kindergarten picture had the potential to look like some kid's 2nd grade picture since she's already lost 6 teeth!

So, who do you think she favors?

Me: Kindergarten 1985

Brandon: Kindergarten 1985 (well, we THINK it's his kindergarten picture!)

Honest to Blog! :)

Sarah at Life in the Parsonage passed this award along to me! Thanks Sarah!

Check out Sarah's blog. I enjoy reading it because honestly, she makes me laugh! I can only imagine what life is like with a house full of boys and a dog, but Sarah lives it every day!!! :)

Here are the rules that you agree to when you accept this award:

"When you receive the prize, you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimun of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing that they were prized with 'Honest Weblog'. List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

So, here it goes... 10 honest things about myself...

1. I like to blog, but I get so frustrated when I get behind that I just want to QUIT!

2. I am DREADING my 29th birthday... it's coming soon!

3. I'm dreading Christmas break... I think I have forgotten what to do with 2 kids all day long!

4. I did not put up one single Halloween/Fall decoration this year... I didn't feel like it so I just didn't do it.

5. I have not scrap booked since February. I know, I know... I'm so behind that I may NEVER dig myself out of the pit!

6. Some mornings I have a cup of coffee and eat 2 chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. :)

7. I want a job that makes me travel to foreign countries... anyone hiring?

8. I really miss performing in live theatre!

9. I am slowing building a Twilight army!

10. People annoy me... I'm just being honest! :)

Now, this is the hard part... picking only 7 blogs!
**If I didn't list your blog please don't be offended... I love all the blogs that I read... that's WHY I read them! :)

*Heather at Want What You Have - I read Heather's blog because she is open and honest about how she has built her family to make it what it is today... finances, faith, family... she shares it all!
*Kristy at the.junk.drawer - Um... she's one of my dearest (real life) friends... everything she does is brilliant... AND she's not afraid to share my obesseion with Twilight... she joined my army with only a little kicking and screaming at first!
*Mum-me at Our Aussie Half-dozen - The directions said to give this award to blogs that I find "brilliant in content or design"... I find all things Australian brilliant so, Mum-me, this award's for you!
*Renata at Sunnyside Farm - Any woman who will post a photo of herself pregnant with twins is a BRILLIANT woman!
*Mummy McTavish at - Her little guy, Lion, makes me laugh! I enjoy reading about his quick wit!
*Christine at Smiles & Trials - I have only been reading Christine's blog for a little over a week, but I have already spent TONS of time catching up on her family... (don't be frightened Christine... I'm not a crazy stalker!) I am amazed and humbled by her love and compassion for her children... the children born right in her home (as she refers to them) and those that have joined their family from as far away as Russia and Ukraine.
*Lacy at Miles Family - Apparently we live parallel lives so if I think she's brilliant then I must be brilliant as well!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why am I choosing to embarrass myself?

I saw this posted on Heather's blog as well as Renata's blog... check them out!

15 years ago, I was...
*13 years old
*In the 8th grade at Osceola Middle School in Ocala, FL
*The drum major of our middle school band for the Ocala Christmas Parade
*playing the flute
(Sorry, no picture for this one... I honestly looked, but the 8th grade was such an awkward year... I probably burned all pictures from that time in my life!)

10 years ago, I was...
*18 years old
*A high school graduate... graduated with honors :)
*Spending my last summer at home doing community theatre
*Moving to Tennessee in the fall to attend Lee University
*Majoring in Music Education
*Playing the oboe in the Symphonic Band

That's me on the right

The only picture you may ever see of me dancing... I'm just to the right of "Frank Butler"
The show was "Annie Get Your Gun"

Freshman year of college in the Symphonic Band
That's Brandon sitting behind us... funny that we barely knew each other in the picture!

Me and Brandon coming home from a mission's trip to Brazil... we were only friends back then.

5 years ago, I was...
*23 years old
*Becoming a mom for the 1st time in January
*Married for 2 years
*Graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration in May
*Spending 7 months as a stay at home mom after graduating

My first good look at Chandler

Chunky cheeks!

Graduation was extra special as a mom of a 4 month old baby girl!

Thanksgiving 2003

3 years ago, I was...
*25 years old
*Working as a Ministry Assistant at our church
*Married for 4 years
*Excited that we were buying our 1st house!

Our house just before we bought it
It looks different now :)

Chandler and Me December 2005... the pile of notebooks on the table reminds me of all the work I had to bring home with me!

1 year ago, I was...
*27 years old
*A mom of two beautiful girls
*Married for 6 years
*Staying at home full time!

Riley was born in March 2007

Just me: Mother's Day 2007

My Family on Thanksgiving 2007
Dad and Mom
My Sister,Erin, and her husband, Joel
Me, Brandon, Chandler and Riley

This past year, I was...
*watching my baby have surgery
*watching Chandler turn 5 years old
*watching Riley turn ONE!
*going to my 1st UGA football game
*becoming obsessed with Twilight
*off on an adventure to Australia!
*having life changing surgery
*learning to take time for myself.

Riley's cyst removal: January 2008

Chandler's 5th Birthday Photo Shoot

Riley's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Our 1st UGA football game!

My Twilight Obsession!

Me & Charlie the Koala in Sydney, Australia!

Me just before surgery

Just Me: October 2008


For all of you non-Twilighters that's "Oh My Edward!" :)

This arrived in the mail today...

I have been anxiously awaiting this package for some time now!
Ever since Kristy announced that I had won a contest on her blog!
Since the beginning of October I had been pondering what piece of jewelry I wanted Kristy to make for me as "my prize" and when she mentioned that she was going to start working on some Twilight inspired stuff... well, I knew I HAD to have one!

The packaging alone made me happy!

I know you can't see the necklace... Honest, I tried getting a photo of it, but my camera just wouldn't focus!

Here's what the card said...

"Jen... I hope you [heart] your necklace! I had a hard time deciding on what to do. I wanted you to really [heart] it! Soo... here ya go! Your fav twilight saying, w/ some EC [heart] on the back & close to your [heart]! Hope the chain length is good for you as well!
Miss you! Hope you enjoy your Twilight outing... with you were here to enjoy it w/ me!
[heart] Kristy"

So, here's my note to Kristy...
(I've already called her and left a gushy non-sense voicemail on her phone!)

You KNOW I'll be wearing this when I see Twilight this weekend!!

Check out Kristy's jewelry... she's working on a new site so be sure to check back often!
Bright Heart Studio

Happy Birthday to Brandon!

Yesterday, November 18th was Brandon's birthday. He is now 29 years old! :P

He had to work yesterday... isn't that how everyone wants to spend their birthday? At work?

We had tacos for dinner last night.

He got a shirt in the mail from my parents and a card from Chandler & Riley.

The girls went to bed at 8:00 and Brandon THOUGHT we were going to watch a movie...

He went outside to change the lightbulb on our front porch when Jonathan and Amy pulled up in the driveway...

On Monday night, I called Amy and invited them to come over to surprise Brandon for his birthday.
I went and got the girls out of bed and we all sat around eating cake... Chandler knew they were coming over and that there was a surprise cake waiting... she did a very good job of keeping the secret. :)

Brandon was surprised and I think he enjoyed getting to hang out with friends on his birthday!

And really, if we are honest about it, ANYTHING would be better than how we spent his birthday last year!

Baby it's cold outside...

The last few mornings it has been a little more than "chilly" outside... it has been down right COLD! Each morning at 6:45 I RUN out to my Explorer and start the engine to hopefully warm it up a little before rushing my kids out the door to school...

We have leather seats... I LOVE my leather seats because any time the kids spill anything, it wipes up pretty easy, but I don't LOVE my leather seats when it's below freezing outside! I don't know if you know this, but LEATHER SEATS ARE COLD!

Anyway, so each morning we race around like crazy women getting ready for school and I'm always thinking, "Dear God. Please let the ice on my windshield be melted so I don't have to freeze to death while scraping ice off of the windows."
Most mornings He takes mercy on me and the ice is melted...

This was NOT one of those mornings!

Chandler had to be at school a little earlier this morning to have "Pancakes with Pastor". Her school has a day where the kids invite their Pastor to come have pancakes with them in the cafeteria before classes start. Chandler invited Pastor Jonathan, our children's pastor (and good friend, to have pancakes with her.

We woke up on time, but just as I was about to load up Chandler's backpack I realized that I forgot to make her lunch last night!
Probably because Jonathan and Amy came over to help us celebrate Brandon's birthday... but that's another post... coming soon!

I raced around making a lunch when I realized that I had not gone out to start the Explorer yet! UGH!
I ran outside and started the engine... ran back inside to finish Chandler's lunch... crammed the girl's into their coats and we ran out to load up.

Out of curiosity, each morning I check the temperature on the way to school. Recently I've been checking the temp in Fahrenheit and Celsius. **My continued obsession with all things Australian I guess.**

This morning the temperature was 24F... that's -4C for my Australian friends... THAT'S COLD! At one point is also said 21F and -6C, but it changed back to 24F pretty quick.

So, in summary, the coldest day of the "fall" so far was the day that we were running late and I forgot to warm the engine early enough for the ice to melt off of the windshield.

I was running around the car as quickly as possible with an ice scraper. I would like to point out that the ice scraper was a gift from my Grandmama. When she gave it to me I laughed because it has a "mitten" attached to it... however, many times (this morning included) I have said a little thank you to my thoughtful Grandmama as I scraped ice from my windows!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

That really made me laugh!

I can't take credit for finding this video... I saw it on another blog I enjoy reading:

Since visiting Australia back in September I've found that blogs from fellow Australian bloggers really appeal to me. :) **I've added 3 of these blogs to my "Blogs I like to Read" list... see the right hand side of the page if you want to check them out!!

I did see many of these (I would say all, but I'm sure I didn't see that particular shark!) at the Aquarium, Toronga Zoo and Sydney Wildlife World.

What really makes me laugh it that I actually had people warn me about some of these Australian "wonders" before I left on my trip. As you can see, I survived.

So, go book your flights to Australia!

**Just watch out for those crazy birds!!

That's All...

My brother-in-law, Joel, tagged me

1. Put your MP3 Player/media player/etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Sunday Morning [Maroon 5]

Why Can't I? [Liz Phair]
This song is from the soundtrack to "13 going on 30"... I love that movie and this song is actually pretty accurate. lol.

That's How You Know [Amy Adams]
From the soundtrack to "Enchanted"... Apparently I like a guy that finds, "a little way to show [me] every day..." lol!

Ever Ever After [Carrie Underwood]
"We all just wanna make it to ever ever after..."

Feelings Show [Colbie Caillat]
I have (in the past and fairly recently) been known to let my feelings show... I don't know that it's my motto, but it may seem that way to some people. lol.

It had better be tonight [Michael Buble]
Do you think I'm pushy? lol.

How Sweet It Is [Michael Buble]
Ha! "How sweet it is to be loved by you..."

WHAT IS 2+2?
Head over Heels [Go-Gos]

Always on my Mind [Michael Buble]
Wow. Pretty accurate. :)

Yellow Submarine [The Beatles]
Humm... maybe that person likes the ocean? lol.

Capri [Colbie Caillat]
Well since the song is about a mother and her child, I guess that is a good answer...

Hello Goodbye [The Beatles]
Maybe a Target Employee? lol!

This Love [Maroon 5]
"This love has taken it's toll on me..."

Comin' Home Baby [Michael Buble]
Ha ha!

The Best is Yet to Come [Michael Buble]
That's pretty appropriate for a wedding reception dance.

Every Breathe You Take [The Police]
Yikes! Kind of creepy!

Ticket to Ride [The Beatles]

Nothing Lasts Forever [Maroon 5]

Don't Stand Too Close to Me [The Police]

A Beautiful Mess [Jason Mraz]
Lol. I actually do think this song describes me, but not for this question.

Ice Ice Baby [Vanilla Ice]
Lol! Am I going to freeze to death?

Tied Down [Colbie Caillat]

Mad About You [Belinda Carlisle]
Have you ever seen that TV show? It really does make me laugh!

Midnight Bottle [Colbie Caillat]
Making bottles at midnight has made me cry before!

Help! [The Beatles]
Ha ha!

Back at Your Door [Maroon 5]
I don't really know what that might mean!

She Loves You [The Beatles]
Apparently, she loves me!

Infatuation [Maroon 5]
Wow... deep.

Losing My Mind [Maroon 5]
Yep, that hurts!

That's All [Michael Buble]

Ok. So, some of those made sense and some didn't....

Your turn.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Riding in the car with girls...

We are currently visiting Brandon's parents in Georiga for the weekend. We are celebrating an early Thanksgiving in combination with Brandon's birthday (11/18) and our nephew, Colten's, 2nd birthday (11/8).

On the way down last night, I was reading (Ecilpse. Yes, it's the 3rd book in the Twilight series and yes, I am reading it AGAIN!), Brandon was driving, and the girls were watching a movie.

C: "Mom. I know what the ocean is."
J: "Really? What is it?"
C: "It's a large stomach of salt water."
J: "Huh?"

Brandon and I exchange puzzled looks

B: "Chan? Do you mean a large BODY of salt water?"
C: "Oh. Yeah. That's what I mean."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Congrats to Jenn on 800 Posts!

Jenn posted her 800th post today. 800 posts! I can't even imagine!!!

So, instead of posting 800 things about herself (I don't think I could come up with 800 things about myself) she posted things about her self in 8s.

So, I'm playing along using her categories:

8 Things I Love:
My Family
Hot Chocolate
Scrapbook Supplies

8 Things that give me the Heebie-Jeebies:
The reptile house at the zoo
Birds from NSW
Having to walk to my car alone at night
Chalk Boards

8 Places I Have Been:

8 Random Facts:
I started playing the violin at age 6 because a kid at school brought one for show and tell and I begged my parents for a solid year to let me play!
My cousin, Brett, and I are planning a trip for next summer to Forks, WA... home of the Twilight saga!
I hate my hair... I always have.
I would love to travel across Europe one day (sooner rather than later).
I'm ALWAYS cold... even in the dead of summer I have been known to wear a sweater or a light jacket.
I played girl's fast pitch softball in high school... sometimes I still get the itch to play again.
I miss acting on stage.
I miss girly sleep overs with Kristy, Heather, Crystal and Kim.

8 TV Shows I Love:
The Office
How I Met Your Mother
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Hell's Kitchen (please don't judge me for that one!)
The Amazing Race

Ok, it's your turn!
Leave me a comment letting me know that you did it so I can check out your answers!!

A Thought for this Rainy Thursday...

If you openly acknowledge that something you are about to post (or have already posted) is going to hurt someone.... DON'T POST IT!

Sometimes we (I include myself in that we) think that we can say whatever we want to under the heading of "speaking the truth" or when it is followed with "it just HAS/HAD to be said".

So, before you spout off things that "just have to be said" because it's "the truth" consider a few things...
is what you're saying REALLY the truth?
do you personally know the situation?
will it hurt someone (directly or indirectly)?
is it spoken in love?
is it really necessary to say anything at all?

I am still working on this myself... I am an imperfect person... I know, SHOCKER! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If you REALLY love me...

Ok, last Friday's Entertainment Weekly (EW) featured 3 different Twilight covers... I have searched high and low all over town and have not been able to find a single copy... I am appealing to my online friends...
If you happen to have a subscription to EW and you aren't a Twilight fan and MIGHT want to bless me with your copy, e-mail me and I'll send you my address... I'll even BUY your copy off of you and pay for postage!

If you happen to be out running errands and see Edward Cullen or Bella Swan (or both of them) staring back at you from the magazine rack and want to be so kind as to pick up a copy for me, I would be eternally indebted to you! Just send me your receipt and I'll reimburse you the cost of the magazine AND the postage!

Good grief...

Hi. My name is Jennifer and I'm addicted to Twilight. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Upon further review...

Ha! I think I've heard that said on the football field a few times, but I'm not actually talking about football today....

Yep, you guessed it, Twilight!

In this post, I mentioned that it looks like James and Edward collide mid air. After watching it a few times and seeing a behind the scenes clip (for the life of me I can not remember where I found it) I have decided that it is NOT James, but actually Emmett... AND I have reason to believe that it is during the baseball game.

I guess we'll have to wait until Nov. 21st to know for sure. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I have no words....

Just watch...

According to Robert Pattinson Daily (one of MANY Twilight sights that I check daily) this scene is part of a 3 minute preview that you can download from itunes.

I will receive your thanks by way of comments! :)

Less than 2 weeks until....


For your viewing pleasure I present...

TV Spot #8 (no new footage):

TV Spot #9 (NEW footage!!):

Ooooo... When James and Edward collide in the air... :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free kid to a good home!

Yeah, that's right... I thought about advertising a low asking price, but now she's just free.
Only serious inquiries please.

This was one of THOSE days!

Yeah, this picture is from this past January when Riley tried to bake me a birthday cake, but you get the idea!

The first time I attempted to make dinner was at 3:00...
I rounded the corner in the kitchen to find Riley ankle deep in grits... yes, grits!
I tried to sweep them, but that just wasn't working.... so I pulled out my vacuum cleaner.

The second time was about 3:30...
I went to pull the chicken out of the microwave and hear, "MOM! Riley's pouring milk out!"
I round the corner into the living room to find Riley had managed to unscrew the lid on her sippy cup and has poured her milk on their coloring table.
I soaked up the milk and disinfected the table.

The third time was about 4:00...
I again tried to get the chicken out of the microwave when I heard the toilet lid in our back bathroom...
I RAN to the bathroom to find that Riley had dumped an entire box of feminine products all over the floor.
I started towards her and FELL! Why did I fall? BECAUSE THE FLOOR WAS WET!
Apparently she was using Chandler's brand new knit beanie hat (with silver tinsel on it) to soak up all of the water in the toilet and transport it to my bedside table!!!
It was only 20 minutes later when I discovered the hat laying on my bed... still soaked!

From 4:30 till Brandon got home just after 5:00 I sat on my bed and then on the floor in my room using a hair dryer to dry the mattress and the carpet... not because I was overly worried about our old crappy carpet, but because if I didn't do something I was afraid my head would explode!!!

In 2 hours, Riley managed to destroy my house!!!

However, over dinner we had a lovely chat with Chandler about the current happenings in the love life of kindergarteners.

C: "I have another boyfriend now."
B: "Oh yeah? What's his name?"
C: "I don't know."
J: "Is he in your class?"
C: "Yes."
B: "Then you should know his name!"
C: "Ethan."
J: "Ethan C. or Ethan M.?"
C: "The one with the yellow hair that sticks up like this." (As she pulls her bangs straight out from her forehead)
J: "C or M?"
C: "C."
B: "Is he the one that eats breakfast with you in the mornings?"
C: "Yes."
B: "Does he go to church?"
C: "Not to my church."
B: "Does he go to another church?"
C: "Yes, but he didn't tell me which one."
B: "Chandler. I forbid you to see him again!"
C: With big round eyes "I always see him at school!"

We just died laughing...

As she was saying all of these things I grabbed a coloring book (don't you have coloring books laying on your table at dinner time?) and started writing down everything she said.

C: "Um. Are you writing down everything I'm saying?"
J: "Yes."
C: "Why?"
B: "Because you are funny."

A few minutes later...
C: "I want to marry Ethan C."
J: "Chandler don't ever get married."
C: "Look at my eyes! I'm so mad at you that you won't let me marry him!"

Looks at me...
C: "Are you gonna write that down mom?"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Plug for my Pal, Jenny

Jenny and I met while suffering through a semester of Business Finance back in the Fall of 2002... At finals time that December I was 3 weeks away from giving birth to Chandler... When I say suffering, I really mean suffering! :)

Anyway, Jenny was always very sweet and I enjoyed sitting in front of her during class.

She's actually using her Business Education... she own's her own store in downtown Cleveland. It's called Razzberry'z and it has some of the cutest gifts you will find!
I hate that I don't get to go in there as often as I would like, but having a Riley makes trips downtown a bit difficult. :)

Jenny also has an online store at Etsy.

Check her out at Razzberry'z online!

Cute, cute, cute stuff!

Because I know you are DYING to know...

The Miles Family already has Halloween costumes for next year...

But I'm not going to tell you what they are... only that they arrived in the mail yesterday! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanks Kristy!

So, on my way out of Hobby Lobby last night, my cell phone starts ringing... I look at the called ID and see that it's Kristy. I automatically know that this is either a scrapbook, craft or Twilight call! :)

It was a Twilight call!
She saw the new Paramore Video 'Decode' and was a WEE BIT EXCITED!

Check it out on her blog!

It's so nice to have a friend who is just as obsessed with Twilight... if not more so!

I will say that I watched the video again just a minute ago and it actually gave me goosebumps!

**On a completely different note... have you noticed that a lot (if not most) of my blog entries start with "so"?
One day I may count how many, but not today... I've got too many hair bows to make!!

TV Spot #7

Similar to TV spot #4, but slightly different.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Happenings!

So, my real life friend, Christina, thinks that her family waited late to carve their pumpkin this year... Um, we carved ours when Chandler got out of school ON HALLOWEEN DAY! :)

The girls helped scoop all of the insides out...

Well, Chandler helped... Riley was too grossed out!

She kept making this face and saying, "Blech!"

Our happy little pumpkin!

Then it was time to get ready for a night full of friends, candy, costumes, and cries of outrage!

My Tinkerbell and Belle!
Chandler's hair was MUCH easier this year... although all of the pin curls under the wig took some time.

Chandler wanted to recreate last year's Halloween photo... You can view it here.
I think her exact words were, "Mom? Would you like for Riley to look at me like we did last time?"

Me and my Belle!
And I told Chandler that I actually AM in costume this year...
Um Hello? Did you not expect a Twilight themed Halloween?
Yes, I am Alice Cullen!
I thought about going as Rosalie Hale since I had a long blonde wig from a party we went too the previous weekend, but my dear friend, Evan, informed me that I do not pull off blonde very well!
Thanks Evan! :P

Me and Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell was too busy running around the yard to get a good picture!

We stopped at Zaxby's for dinner... it's turning into an annual thing, I think. :)

Then it was off to Trunk or Treat...

We paused for a photo op with Dorothy and a Flying Monkey (aka Katelyn and Sean)

Chandler got her photo with JoJo again this year!

Riley started figuring out this Trunk or Treat thing...
"Ummm... I do believe they have candy over there!"
By the end of the night she would hold her bag and say, "pweese".

The Allen's are big FSU fans...

Their trunk came complete with a grill Florida Gator!

It was a good night, but we headed home early this year! No mall, no block party, a few tears, but we survived!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

She cracks me up!

Today I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a few miscellaneous things. Here's a real life conversation I had with Chandler when I got home...

C: "Mom! Did you get me anything?"
J: "Nope. Not this time."
C: Eying the Wal-Mart bags, "Mom! What did you get me?"
J: "Nothing Chandler unless you count icecube trays."
C: "Ok. Let me count them."

Let that one sink in for a minute!

OK.... hee hee!