Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Huh? What?

Chandler just walked into the room wearing an old Halloween costume...

Halloween 2006
3 Years Old

C: "Mom? Does this dress make me look skinny?"
J: "Yep. It sure does Chan."
C: "Yeah. I thought so. That's why you shouldn't give it to me"
J: "What? Why?"
C: "Because it makes me look skinny."
J: "Oh. Well what's wrong with that?"
C: "MOM!" (said like I had just totally offended her!)
J: "What? What's wrong with it? Do you think I'm skinny?"
C: "Uh... No."
J: "Well what am I then?" (cringing and waiting for her response...)
C: "You are... nice... and smooth."


Then she ran off to change into another costume.

Strange child!


Stam House said...

I think she is adorable!!! Love the costume on her!!!!

kristy.lynn said...

i'm confused. what are you teaching your child?? lmao.. :)

Mum-me said...

I'd rather be smooth than skinny! (Sometimes skinny can be a bit bumpy, you know?)

Cute outfit.

Mummy McTavish said...

Ahh, 6 year old diplomacy.

Did she tell you if smooth was good?

Begs the question... What are they teaching about body image in Kindergarten?

Fly Girl said...

Love the comments from your daughter! How cute.

I clicked on your link from Mummy McTavish.... Enjoyed the visit (and by the way, that's a beautiful tattoo). I've jumped out of airplanes, but getting a tattoo sounds too daring for me!


an encourager said...

LOL - I'm dieting to be nice and smooth!!!

izzy said...

Hahah..omg..she's only three years old and already asking such questions..

Yes, strange but dont worry, just make sure you make her feel better about herself and increase her self-esteem!