Friday, July 25, 2008

Remember way back to post #101?

Remember when I posted about the makeover that my guest room would be receiving??

Well, originally the results were supposed to be posted today, but BooMama had a slight change of plans. :) Results will be posted Labor Day weekend.

I'm still working on my guest room.
We had a slight delay in the plan... a good delay... Brandon's sister, Aunt Amanda, came to visit us last week and spent a few days hanging out with us.
She has been in Germany most of the summer (10 weeks) soaking up German culture, language, and anything else they would let her soak up!
She brought back some cool gifts and GREAT chocolates. Mmmmm.

SO ANYWAY... I couldn't very well paint my guest room while she was living in it. :)

We had already taken the room apart so we quickly put it back together only to remember that I had already removed and thrown away those horrible mini blinds! :) In addition to that, I had already caulked all of the holes left behind by the horrible blinds.

The girls and I raced around town in a frenzy looking for just the right width faux-wood blinds. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find 47" width, 2" slat faux-wood blinds in white??? Well, let me tell you... DIFFICULT!!! That is unless you want to pay $60-$100 to have them custom cut. :)

We started at Lowe's since that's where all of the other white faux-wood blinds in our home came from. NOTHING (under $60 and custom cut). We searched Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, even TJ Maxx. NOTHING.
In a last ditch effort we ran by Wal-mart. I know that if you can't find it at Wal-mart you probably don't need it, so I really should have started there. :)

I just knew we wouldn't find any, but LO AND BEHOLD... They were white, they were faux-wood and they were 47"!!! The only thing I had to give on was the 1.5" slats instead of 2" slats. No biggie. :)

We ran home... I painted the inside of the window so it would dry before Amanda arrived. Just before she headed to bed that night, Brandon and I hung the new blinds. She did have to put up with the blue painter's tape that was lining all of the trim in the room.

So, on my list of items I wanted to accomplish...

1. Paint our guest room
2. Re-hang all wall decor
3. Purchase and hang faux-wood blinds
4. Change out the light switch and switch plate
5. Cover the headboard

I can mark off #3!! :)

So, lesson learned... I can stand by my belief... "If you can't find it at Wal-mart, you probably don't need it." Feel free to quote me on that. :)