Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We all survived...

Kindergarten Jump Start day has come and gone.

Some of you asked how the day went for me...
Emotionally, I was fine. I think it helped that it was only a 1/2 day. Plus, she wasn't walking away from me with her backpack full of school supplies and her little lunch box in her hand.

I'm sure that will be a much harder day. :)

Here's what I learned on Monday... Even though I RARELY get out of my house before noon, the world actually still goes on without me! I WAS AMAZED! :)
I left Chandler's school about 8:15 and headed over to the post office. Much to my surprise, the post office wasn't even open yet! I've never had that happen before!!!
I ran by Starbucks on my way to Amy's house and got myself a Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino (yumm-o)... Yes, I offered to get something for Amy, but she declined my offer.

Amy and I went to Michael's, Target, Wal-mart and Bi-Lo. As we were walking into Michael's I told Amy of my awe at being out of my house this early in the morning. She laughed at me... I don't think she thought I was serious!! :)
It's like a whole new world out there just waiting for me!

Back when I had a job outside of my home, I was up and out of the house early, but then I was chained to a desk all day so I still didn't see much of the world.

So when I picked Chandler up from school she immediately asked for a juice box before she would give me any details of her day... priorities. :)
After she finished her juice she told me about coloring, the playground, the tour around the school, and having popsicles. That's about all I got out of her on the way home.
Later she told me
**The monkey bars were small enough for her to do them all by herself.
**The swings were close to the ground so the teachers didn't have to help her.
**They had popsicles outside.
**Her favorite of the teachers was the one wearing black pants and a white shirt.
**She doesn't know the names of any of the kids.

Apparently, the teachers asked her lots of questions and she answered them... all except, "When is your birthday?"
Chandler knows that January 7th is her birthday. She reminds us on a regular basis.

J: "Did they ask you questions?"
C: "Yes."
J: "What did they ask you?"
C: "Just questions."
J: "Did they ask you about your colors?"
C: "Yes."
J: "Did they ask you about your numbers?"
C: "Yes."
J: "Did they ask you to count?"
C: "Yes."
J: "How high did you count?"
C: "To 20."
J: "Did they ask you anything else?"
C: "Yes. My name and when is my birthday."
J: "What did you tell them?"
C: "Chandler Brooke Miles."
J: "And your birthday?"
C: "No."
J: "What? Why didn't you tell them your birthday?"
C: "I don't know my birthday."
J: "Yes you do."
C: "Well, I didn't want to tell them because my throat was scratchy."

UGH!!!! :)


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

1 - So cute!

2 - Love that Frappacino!!

3 - I know what you mean about the whole getting out of the house before noon thing :) Today, when I had an appt. to get my hair cut, I was almost giddy to have SOMEWHERE to go!

4 - It always cracks me up how they are oblivios to other kids names.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

She is so grown up! Wow. You did good, I would have been a mess probably. Although stopping at Starbucks would have cheered me up considerably. :)

Amanda said...

I can't believe she is about to start kindergarten! I found a picture from the beach when she was about two or three I guess and it seemed like yesterday! Time flies!

Graham said...

I'm a kindergarten parapro and my teacher has to ask "When is your birthday?" for progress report "grading." She has had to put a 'doesn't know' on the progress report only to have parents come back to her "Yes, he/she knows her birthday." Proof here - I'll give my lead teacher a heads-up that our kids throats may be scratchy. Adorable!~Miss Danna