Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rebel without a cause?

I'm just curious...

Are YOU a rule breaker?

I don't mean breaking the LAW... please don't tell me THOSE stories! :)

I mean... do you break "rules"...

actual written rules like "no blue jeans at work except on Friday"

rules you set for yourself like "I will NOT eat ice cream... well except maybe on odd numbered days!"

socially implied rules like "don't burp at the table" or "early is on time and on time is LATE!" (maybe that one's just MY socially implied rule!)

random "ruling" requests like "we've all decided to wear white shirts tomorrow"

My question in response to a request such as this is, "who is WE and why do I have to do it too?" :)
Would you wake up tomorrow and intentionally put on a lime green tank top?

I'm not just asking for the sake of posting something today... I really want to know...

Do you break rules?
What KIND of rules to you break?
Do you feel guilty when you break a rule?
Does it keep you up at night?
Is there one rule in your house that is more important than any other?


Sara@ Butterville said...

Woh, this is deep.
I totally AM a rule breaker. Not my own but rules that others make. If it's a respect issue I WON'T break it. Like jumping on someones bed or furniture.
Rules I will break: don't put your elbows on the table, feet on the coffee table,I have been known to drink from the carton. I HATE fashion rules. Break 'em ALL the time. I go out in public *GASP* withOUT make up. (Oh, the horror) I brush my teeth when I WANT to not the recomened 3 times a day. (Ok, some days I do brush more then sometimes less...somedays I forget. keeping it real)
DO I feel guilty...depends if I hurt feelings while breaking the rule, then yes.
Does it keep me up...NO!
Our #1 Cox house rule is RESPECT others, be nice, be one another.
This pretty much covers A LOT. Like we don't's not nice.
We don't hit...that hurts others...We play with our own toys...SO YEAH it the BIG one. It's also God's big one too! Love one another.
Just for the record, I've only sped. If I were with someone and say they stole something or put it in my bag...I would DIE! It would be the WORST thing ever for me. That would be my hell. Trying to explain: It wasn't me...ARGH now that, that right there WILL keep me up with nightmares! I DON'T understand stealing. AT ALL! (Actually, make that ALL bad behavior.)

Jenn said...

I can't compete with Sara's response, but I can concur in that I am also a rule breaker. Be at work on time -- I'm 30 minutes late. Eat at the table -- yeah right.

the only rules I break and feel horrible about are the self-imposed ones -- like watch what you eat and exercise. I wind up laying in bed at night frustrated with myself about not having started or done something that I meant I was going to do.

Sandi said...

I don't know if it can be called a "rule", but I hardly ever eat 3 meals a day. I would rather snack/graze all day. I just eat when I'm hungry. I don't always feel the need to have a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner EVERY day. Now, this hasn't gone over too well with my hubby who is just the opposite. I'm working on it. =)

Renata said...

I don't think I'm a rule breaker for rules someone else gives, but if it's my own rules - well sometimes they just fly out the window!

kristy.lynn said...

i think it goes without saying the cardinal rule i break is not to be late. ya. gonna be late to my own funeral..totally true.

i think as a tattooed mama... it stands that i'm rule breaker in the sense that mama's are supposed to be clean and prim and proper. along with that i rarely ever wear makeup, and have only once had my eyebrows waxed.

i DO NOT like the dentist, so i do not go as often as you are supposed to.

sometimes my child goes to bed without a bath. and sometimes he goes to bed w/o brushing his teeth.

i'm also horrible about finishing medication, and somehow always end up missing a dose here or there.

one rule i never broke at home was calling my parents. they never cared if we were doing something as long as we called. (well i'm sure SOMETIMES they cared.. but i was a boring teenager) heck.. i still call my mom to check in when i get home late from her house..

i'm sure i could list a few more... i sorta don't like people telling me what to do.

laws... well... that's a different story.. i sorta stick to those...

LM said...

Rules I break:
1) sneak in snacks at the movie theater
2) Stop signs are mere public safety suggestions to "slow down before proceeding" if it's 2 am and no one is on the road but me
3)sneak the kids in the "church office personnel only" entrance to preschool.... (versus the always-congested main kiddie entrance.) I do this too much. Like every day. I feel bad just a little. It's church.

Yeah, yeah. I see a pattern of "let's make the world more convenient" for moi if it doesn't hurt anybody. BUT, I'll also gladly break little "rules" if it'll help somebody else out.

Mummy McTavish said...

Rules are made to be broken. Unless they are my rules for others then you'd better follow them, especially if you are my offspring. I once burped so loud at our table that our neighbour out on his driveway turned around, if you gotta you gotta!
Thanks for your prayers for my Dragon!

Jaime Lynn Barks said...

I have a little non-conformist streak. Sometime I break rules just to be different ;)

Jenn said...

Off the sub... I tagged you for an award! (it's on my blog for ya'!)

Emily said...

I don't think in terms of "rules" so maybe that makes me a rule breaker. That and the fact that I have two tattoos most people don't know about. I think more in terms of "boundaries". We all need boundaries.

I am a christian and don't always vote republican. That's a big one, it seems, to a lot of people. Hmmm...I could go on here and am a bit worried that I would get myself into trouble with my reputation!

However, with some things I am a stickler for "rules". I am a huge proponent of families eating together at the table. That is one of our family rules.

I guess we all have our issues that are important to us!