Friday, December 12, 2008

Thoughts on Rules

Well, your honesty made me laugh! Myself and the 8 of you who commented should NEVER go out into public together! :)

Half of us would be breaking all kinds of socially implied rules while the other half would be hiding under the table out of embarrassment!

No, not really... I'm sure we all know how to control ourselves in public!

Sara: I go out in public without makeup... in fact, if you saw me right now... well it's scary really so I wouldn't let you see me right now. Monday through Friday I leave my house between 7 and 7:15 to take Chandler to school... I RARELY change out of my pajamas... makeup, ha!

Jenn: Before I had kids (and even when Chandler was very young) our friends commented that any time there was a party, Brandon and I would be the 1st ones there... I was a band geek most of my life (and really... who am I kidding? once a band geek ALWAYS a band geek.) and the band geek moto is "Early is on time and on time is LATE!"
Now, I'm lucky if I'm only 15 minutes late EVERYWHERE! I HATE being late... I don't intentionally break that rule... I blame my kids! :)

Sandi: I eat when I'm hungry. The only "set" meal at our house is dinner. It is a bad habit that I have passed on to my kids.

Renata: I don't even make rules for myself anymore! I know I'm going to break them so why bother! :)

Kristy: I love that you are a tattooed mama! I was REALLY close to getting a tattoo not too long ago, but couldn't make up my mind so I decided to wait.
When Chandler was born I took out my cartilage ring because "mama's probably shouldn't have multiple piercings" and I wanted to fit the "mama mold".
Today I sit here with not the 3 piercings that I had when I was pregnant with Chandler, but FIVE (yes 5) piercings. :) All in my ears, but 5 none the less.

Lacy: Your blog comment makes you sound like the kind of friend my parents warned me about! lol! I did sneak a snack into the theatre once, but it was for Chandler before I allowed her to eat popcorn... I had a fear that she would choke to death!

Mummy McT: Your comment reminds me of my friend, Kim, from high school (Kristy can back me up on this)... she could burp louder than any GUY I knew! In fact, on several occasions, I heard her burp the ABCs... and I'll admit, I was a bit jealous. LOL!

Jaime Lynn: I already knew about you and your non-conformist streak! You didn't surprise me one bit... actually I thought about you as I was writing the post! :)

So? Do I break rules? Yes. I do.
Do I always do it on purpose? No.
Do I feel guilty about breaking rules? Yes and No. Really the only I time I feel guilty is when Chandler (who is beginning to notice EVERYTHING) calls me out on breaking a rule... it's usually the socially implied rules.
Does it keep me up at night? Nah.
Is there one rule in our house that's more important than the others? No. Not really. Our rules are more of the "unspoken" variety. The importance changes based on what we are currently struggling with at home or school.

After I posted my rule breaking blog on Wednesday, I noticed that is was my 200th post! YAY ME!
Such a landmark blog requires some sort of giveaway so...

Mummy McT you are the winner! E-mail me your mailing address at and I'll mail out your prize!

You may be asking yourself, "What is she winning?"

I guess you'll just have to wait and see! Maybe she'll write a blog all about it.
**Here's a hint... it's a little story about a rule breaker. :)

Maybe you are asking yourself, "How did she win?"

That's an easy one... Chandler picked her.

Now you are asking, "Why did Chandler pick her?"

J: "Chan. Here are 8 people which one do you think should win?"
C: "Who are they?"

I showed her each of your blogs...

C: "I like this one." (pointing at Mummy McT's blog)
J: "Why?"
C: "Because she has cute kids and they call her mummy... not mOmmy!"

Apparently she shares my love of the Australian accent!


kristy.lynn said...

OMG! I totally forgot about Kim & her burping!!! TOO TOO true!!!

Mummy McTavish said...

YAY ME!!! oh and YAY YOU!!! too.
Wolf is trying to teach me to talk when I burp but it's just not happening. I cant make myself burp it just happens so getting enough warning to burp "I love you" to him (as he often does to me, we are just romantic like that) is all a bit too hard. Ahh, yet another glimpse into the poised and perfect world of mUmmy McTavish.

LM said...

Oh now, that's funny! I too am a fellow band geek and have never gotten in trouble a day in my life...not even detention during the school years.
On a side note, breaking little rules is a sign of intelligence! It shows adaptation to circumstances and an understanding of intentions/concepts. (I think I've mentioned my neuropsych. ULTRA geek background.) So...hooray to you and all the smarty pants who replied!