Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Colten!

My nephew, Colten, is 1 year old today! Happy Birthday Colten!!

We are headed down to Warner Robins tomorrow for the huge 1st birthday bash. I've been told there will be pony rides. That's pretty impressive for a 1st birthday! My sister-in-law, Lainey (Colten's mom), told me that Ben, Brandon's brother, was worried that birthdays would always be such a big production. She assured him that you MUST go over board for the 1st birthday, but not every birthday is as big.

That's VERY true....
We had 3 1st birthday parties for Chandler. Riley won't be getting as many, but we'll still do something extra-special! :)

Unfortunately, we haven't seen Colten since our trip to the fair, so I don't have any recent pictures to share, but I'm sure I'll have plenty when we get back on Monday.

Chandler and Colten (Nov. 2006)

Riley, Colten, and Chandler. Riley was only 22 days old and yes, Chandler is wearing a bathing suit in March! (March 2007)

One of my favorite pictures from our vacation this summer! (July 2007)

Another beach picture (July 2007)

And another! (July 2007)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLTEN!!! We are excited about seeing you this weekend!!!


kristy.lynn said...

that little picture of him in the float is ADORABLE! have a safe & fun trip! :)