Monday, November 5, 2007

Pretty In Pink

Today I decided to dress the girls alike. I don't do this too often... I don't want to be one of "those moms". :) Actually I always said that I wouldn't be the mom that buys matching outfits for her girls and dresses them alike against their will, but I think I'm slowly becoming one! It's just SO cute! I even went so far as to make them matching hair bows... My friend, Kristy, has told me that I should use my blog as an opportunity to showcase some of the bows I've made... be on the lookout... you may just see a blog all about hair bows in the near future! :)

Since they were dressed alike I decided to get a few shots of them together. I should know by now that that is MUCH easier said than done!!!!

Chandler gets it right on the 1st take, but Riley isn't cooperating just yet! (but it is a good shot of Riley's hair bow!)

Riley looks right, Chandler looks left!

I abandoned group photos and went for some one on one shots. Riley still didn't really feel like working with me!

Grass is more interesting than mom!

When Chandler feels like it she can be quite easy to photograph, but she doesn't always feel like it! Today wasn't too bad.

That's the REAL Chandler!

Here's why I'm happy with these pictures...
Today at 1:45 we were at the doctor's office. I noticed, over the course of the last few days, that Riley had a few lumps behind her ear. Fearful that she may have more dermoid cysts, I decided to take her in and have them checked out. Good news... they are not cysts. Bad news... double ear infection!
Some of you may remember that Chandler battled ear infections the first 14 months of her life. We had tubes put in when she was 15 months old and that seemed to fix the problem. The funny thing is, Brandon and I were just saying we are SO glad that we haven't had that problem with Riley!!! I hope and pray that this is not a sign of things to come.

Anyway... while we were at the doctor I asked about Chandler's kindergarten physical (She's scheduled to have it in January.) and when we should get flu shots. January is too late for a flu shot (as a part of her physical) so the doctor said we should just do it today. :(
YIKES! We go to the doctor for a few knots on Riley's head and Chandler ends up with a shot!! Needless to say, she was pretty mad at me, but I promised her ANYTHING (within reason) that she wanted as a result of the trauma I was about to put her through. She did as well as can be expected when a 4 year old is surprised by a last minute shot.
We headed to Wal-mart and she picked out a Sleeping Beauty Magic Wand (complete with sound effects) and a Robin Hood DVD. She's happily watching Robin Hood and playing with (and sharing with Riley) the magic wand as I type.

SO... taking in to consideration all that my girls have been through today and how they are probably feeling, the pictures aren't too bad!


kristy.lynn said...

dude. i swear WHEN (not IF ya notice) i have a girl, i am all over those hairbows! they are so stinkin' cute!

i feel ya on the pictures bit.. i usually take 30 to get 3 good ones of mason.. love that continous action feature! :) the pictures are very cute for what circumstances you were working with!

I've already prepared myself to take the day off next year b/c our dr gives the shots at 4yrs old. I'm sure I'll be experiencing my fair amount of drama as well! :)

((and i say it's ok to dress them alike as long as they are willing! :)))

JenMiles said...

Ok Kristy, WHEN you have your girl let me know and I'll start making bows! I may even throw in a few orange and blue ones for your precious UF! :)

Mrs. Jones said...

When I was little, I would've loved mom to dress us alike more. I don't remember her ever doing that.