Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Princesses... no really, they were...

Halloween 2007. A day that Chandler has longed for since Halloween 2006. She has waited, and asked about, and waited some more, and asked a WHOLE lot more questions about this day for a year now. It has finally come and gone. Here are the pictures to prove it!

Our Halloween costume prep began at 12:30 yesterday. We washed, we scrubbed, we brushed, we rolled and we primped....

**She wanted me to make note of the fact that she is poking her tongue through the hole in her smile.

Post Makeup

And the finished product! Belle and Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty).

"Riley!!! Don't eat the grass!!! Mom! Riley is eating grass! There might be bugs in it!!"

So, we plugged in her paci (or cassie as Chandler calls it) to keep her from the potential "bug eating"

After pictures at home we headed off to Zaxby's for dinner. Chandler loved that everyone was watching her. Surprisingly, when we first got there we were the only ones with kids in costumes. Another family arrived a little later with 2 Barbie Brides.
After dinner we headed over to "Trunk or Treat". Last year our church began hosting this Trick or Treating alternative. It was a HUGE success so they did it again this year. People sign up to decorate the trunk of their car and dress up to hand out candy. A few of our favorite trunks were (sorry no pictures!) the Chick-fil-A trunk, the Charlotte's Web trunk, Mrs. Erin's Oklahoma Sooners trunk (she lets the kids throw footballs into her car... Chandler liked that) and Mrs. Shelia's "Jonah and the Whale" trunk. We hope she wins 1st prize this year.

Chandler also enjoyed climbing the giant inflatable slide/maze that was set up.

Chandler met up with her buddy Joseph (known as JoJo around our house). They are in the same class at church and he's a really sweet kid. His mom told me that last Sunday at church JoJo told Chandler that she is "quite a lovely lady"!

We tried for a quick "girls only photo", but Chandler couldn't wait to dig into the candy and Riley was ready to see some more trunks!

**When she saw this picture she told me that it would have been better if I were in costume too! I told her that I was! Brandon and I went as Georgia fans. :) Not very creative, but it stirred up a lot of contempt here in Tennessee after the big win over Florida last week. Apparently there are a lot of Florida fans in Cleveland.

One more attempt. A little better this time.

After we hit all the trunks, Chandler wanted to "knock on some doors". We didn't really know of a good neighborhood to take her to, so we headed to the mall. Two local churches were co-hosting a Trick or Treating Alternative there.

Chandler paused long enough for a photo with "Stitch" (from Lilo and Stitch). Stitch, also known as Nathan, used to live across the street from us. He was a good buddy to Chandler and she was heart broken when he had to move.

After the mall we were all so worn out! It was time to head home!!

It didn't take long for Chandler to CRASH!!!

Good news! She's already planning costumes for next year! I told her she has plenty of time, but she doesn't believe me. I guess we will be hearing about Halloween 2008 for the next 364 days!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Halloween!!!


Mathews Family said...

I LOVED reading this :) Miss Riley is getting so big. As I type this, my son is crying in the next room. It is 11pm. Why is he awake? Is Riley still doing this to you?

Mathews Family said...

Ps. I use the "cassie" trick, too. When I don't want Will chewing on something I just give him the paci :)

JenMiles said...

Well Emily, before last night I would have said that Riley has been doing great at night. She goes down about 8:00 without a fight and sleeps all night. Sometimes she cries out and needs her paci, but rarely. LAST NIGHT! UGH! She woke up at 11:30... I felt like I had been sleeping for HOURS, but really, only an hour. She would NOT go back to sleep!!! She ended up in our bed and kicked me in the stomach and face (yes, both at the same time) for the next 6 or 7 hours. FUN TIMES!

kristy.lynn said...

Jen... the girls are soo cute! they both look adorable in their costumes... I love that you rolled chandler's hair!! ;)

I have already started bugging people at work about what we will dress as next year... she is not alone :)!!

Gran said...

Wow!! I am so impressed! Jen, you are so creative and witty. This blog is a great gift to us.I don't know how you have time to do it, but I'm glad you do. What beautiful granddaughters we have! I'm glad ya'll are having a fun Fall. Brings back memories of when we were doing those kinds of things with little ones.That is happy! Looking forward to the weekend.Love you all!!