Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Honey! Add Baking Soda to the Grocery List!"

So, here's how my 28th birthday played out...

Chandler woke up around 8:45 and stumbled into the living room where Riley and I were watching cartoons. She walks up to me and says, "Mom. Today is your birthday!" That was a GREAT way to start my day! She had informed Brandon, the night before, that she would NOT be singing Happy Birthday to me so I asked her, "Are you going to sing to me?" Her reply, "Sure mom!" She sang. It made me happy. It made Riley laugh. It made Chandler feel good. We are off to a pretty good start.

Around 10:30 Riley goes down for a nap so Chandler and I sit down to discuss some important issues like, "What's for lunch mom?"

While we were sitting there and talking I decided that it was a good time to explain Riley's surgery. I told her all about it and her first question was, "I don't have a bump like that do I???" I told her no and that she would not be having surgery. She was relieved. HOWEVER, I did tell her that tomorrow (today the 15th) is her Kindergarten physical. I told her about checking her eyes and ears. Seeing how much she weighs and how tall she is now. Then (we all know how much Chandler LOVES shots *note the sarcasm!*) I told her that she would have to get shots. At that moment she completely fell apart. She fell over onto the bed wailing, "No mom! No! I can't get shots. They hurt... I ALREADY GOT A SHOT!!!! Do I get to pick a toy at the store?"

We talked about why we have to get shots and about how she cannot go to school until she gets them. Her response, "Then I don't want to go to school!" My reply, "Chandler, I know that's not true! You talk about going to school EVERYDAY!" **In fact pretty much everyday since her 4th birthday. She finally got over her melt down. We talked about all of the other things we would need to do to get ready for school in the fall: buy a backpack ("Can it have princesses on it?"), buy a lunch box ("Can it be a princess lunch box?") buy school clothes ("Can they be princess clothes?"), buy school shoes ("Princess shoes?"), buy school supplies ("what are school supplies?"): paper ("Princess paper?"), pencils ("princess pencils?"), crayons ("How about markers?), glue, scissors, Kleenex ("why? we have Kleenex here.")
If you can't tell... Chandler is mildly obsessed with Disney Princesses and she is the QUEEN of questions!

After she was finished discussing school preparation she had lunch and seemed ok with getting shots, but I dared not bring it up again.

Later while she was talking to my dad (who called to sing Happy Birthday to me) she said to him, "Squire, I have to get shots tomorrow so I can go to school, but it's ok. I'm brave because I am 5 years old." I was REALLY glad to hear that!

So, other than the "shot drama" we are still having a pretty good day. UNTIL.... after Riley's nap.

I was checking e-mail. I heard Riley crawling towards the kitchen, but it sounded like she stopped near the table (probably looking for a cheerio dropped at lunch time!). After a minute (maybe even less than a minute) I popped my head around the corner to check on her. This is what I found:She had NOT stopped at the table. She had discovered the kitchen cabinets and all of the wonderful things normally hidden behind cabinet doors. I say normally because this is what my cabinets look like:Back before Thanksgiving I started a kitchen remodel plan. I took the cabinet doors off (only on 1 side of the kitchen), sanded everything, painted everything, but only put up a few doors. Why did I put up the doors at the ceiling and not at the floor level?? Riley wasn't crawling then and I KNEW I would get them back up before she learned how. Oops!

Baking soda and marshmallows. Chandler decided that Riley must have been trying to bake me a cake for my birthday. :)

"What else can I pull out of there??"

I took a little time to take a few pictures... I knew the story wouldn't be as funny without them. :)

We cleaned up Riley's creation and both girls got a bath (Chandler was sneaking in "play time" with the baking soda while I was cleaning the baking soda off of Riley).

When Brandon came home he had a pizza and a chocolate cake. Yay! I had requested pizza and Chandler was disgusted when I told her that we would not be having a birthday cake so she requested that Brandon pick up a cake on his way home... worked out good for me too! :)

I thought about just doing 1 candle, but Chandler said I couldn't have just one because I am old. Thanks Chan. We started counting out 28 candles (I had to open 2 packages! You know you are old when one package of candles isn't enough!). I think Chandler got bored counting. She normally stops at 20 so this was a challenge!

Here's the cake with 28 candles.

I got 27 in one try. Chandler blew out number 28.

Riley enjoying cake

Chandler gives it a thumbs up!

It was good!

Here's what 28 candles look like!


The Sharpe's said...

hahaa! hope your day was great!
now we're the same age, well, until march 1st ;0) i'm the OLD one!!! 30 is going to really bother me!!!ughhh

kristy.lynn said...

okay.. i'm DYING over the questions from chandler... with mason it would be all about spiderman! lol..

the pictures are the perfect compliment to your story.. and i agree with chandler.. she MUST've intended to make you a cake ;)

Tabatha said...

Chandler sounds just like Alexis with the Princess thing! Everything HAS to be Princesses!

judee d said...

Happy Birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day with many more to come. Imagine what it is like when you have to open a third packet. That's me lol.
Loved the story of Riley and the baking soda. Just what you wanted with a crawling baby.
Keep smiling and healthy
Victoria Australia.