Thursday, January 24, 2008

You should have seen the other guy!

The title of this blog was inspired by my dad. :)

Riley looks like she was in a knock down drag out fist fight! It's getting better each day, but she's still pretty pitiful.

Yesterday morning when she woke up her eye was pretty much swollen shut.

By lunch time it was getting better and by the time we left for church last night it looked 10 times better. (Ignore the sweet potatoes and juice all over her clothes... she's a messy eater!)

Today it is bruised and swollen, but not swollen shut. She's pretty happy and active today. I couldn't keep her still long enough to get a good picture. She kept crawling to the camera!

So there she is, looking like a prize fighter!

Some of you were wondering how Riley slept after the surgery. When we got home from The Surgery Center she had a snack and took a 3 hour nap. She was worn out!!
That night she did GREAT! In fact, we ALL slept pretty good. She went down about 9:30 and slept all night. I think she woke up around 7:00... Brandon heard her "talking" to herself about that time, but she wasn't crying to get up yet.


judee d said...

Good to see a smile. Even through the dark eye.
Always a silver lining ina dark cloud.
Keep smiling and healthy
Victoria, Australia

kristy.lynn said...

jen... i'm glad to see riley is doing well (like a champ.. har har)! i know that is a huge weight off your shoulder :)

btw... got kelly (savages') addy.. and she said she is def interested as well :)