Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Chandler!!!!

5 years ago today... about this time in the morning, 7:30... I was just beginning to go into labor (induced labor). Chandler wouldn't be born until a little after 6:00 pm... she was stubborn and had a massive head! :) I can't believe that it has been 5 years!! Sometimes it feels like FOREVER... in a good way :) and sometimes it feels like only yesterday.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Chandler from 2007... not because I'm an amazing photographer (because I'm NOT), but because they really show who she is and give me a glimpse of who she is becoming... ENJOY!

Chandler: September 2007

4th Birthday Day: January 2007

Self Portrait: She's quite good with a camera!

Our Diva in Training!

Riley's Baby Shower: February 2007

Comforting Mom... I think she may have been more nervous than I was!: March 2, 2007
*She was not in the room for the actual delivery!

Proud to have a new sister!

"Mom! Look at her toes! They are SO tiny!!"


1st trip to the dentist. She was such a brave girl! March 2007

1st Library Card! This girl LOVES to go to the library... and not just for the free movie rentals!

One pooped Princess!

Loves to laugh! Loves to have fun! Loves the camera!! :)

Mother's Day 2007

Mother's Day 2007

Loves to help, loves to cook. Making cookies: July 2007

Have I mentioned she loves the camera? July 4, 2007: Ocoee River

Chandler and Daddy
Has a sense of adventure! She's a very brave 4 year old! Jekyll Island 2007

Growing Up! She lost her 1st (and 2nd) tooth this year!

Again... BRAVE! Labor Day Weekend 2007

Loves to laugh, but loves to make Riley laugh even more!! September 2007

She ALWAYS has a plan!
"Wait, wait wait. I've got an idea."

She is passionate about the things she loves!

She is in control of every situation and wants to make sure everyone is happy!

Ears Pierced. October 2007

She knows what she likes... and this Krystal eating competition was NOT one of them!

She's still a little girl

She likes to be silly

She wants to know the story behind EVERYTHING!

She is MY child in every sense of the word! I may be in trouble!! :)

She wants to be a "big kid"

Chandler is so excited that she is going to be 5 years old today. She has already asked (yesterday) if she can go to school starting today. I told her that she will have to wait for school to start again... I just didn't tell her that she has to wait 8 months!


kristy.lynn said...

gosh, she seems so grown up, and yet HOW CAN SHE BE?! She definetely is your child! Hope you guys have a fun celebration, as I'm sure you will! :)

Tell Chandler we said Happy Birthday!! :)

The Sharpe's said...

5 years old! Wow!! That's awesome Happy Birthday to Chandler (late though) I thought Peyton turning 4 is HUGE (come June) but I think I'll cry all day when he turns 5!!! lol

Mrs. Jones said...

Sigh, wish I could be there for more of those moments. She's growing up too fast. I love this post.