Friday, July 4, 2008

Not really Independance Day related...

On Tuesday we were traveling from Ocala, FL to Jacksonville, FL. There is pretty much NOTHING between those two places! :) There isn't an interestate between those two locations so we travel "the road less taken" because it is the most direct route... apparently it had become more like, "the road most recently discovered and more heavily taken". :)

Chandler, being Chandler, HAD to go to the bathroom. We had not passed anything for at least the last 15 minutes and she was beginning to get pretty antsy.

Brandon looks over at me...
B: "Do you think she can go on the side of the road?"
J: "Seriously?"
B: "Yeah. We can just open the doors to help hide her."
J: "I guess if we HAVE to."

I look at Chandler...
J: "Chan? I don't think we are going to find a bathroom. How bad do you have to go?"
C: "Really bad, mom!"

Brandon decides to make his suggestion...
B: "Chandler?"
C: "Yeah?"
B: "Can you go outside in the grass??"
C: "WHAT?!?!"
B: "Yeah. Just right outside the car in the grass."

Her tone of voice suggested that this was possibily the most ridiculous idea she had EVER heard!


kristy.lynn said...

good things about having a boy.
last year at a (very bad) circus our options were port a potty or the bushes. i totally opted to hide mason in the bushes vs. actually going in another port a potty having ventured it TWICE in one day in october at mcintosh & the carnival. it was not pleasant, and those things are not made for two people.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hahaha! That's priceless. Reminds me soooo much of our family trips to FL growing dad hated to stop so we became VERY good at holding it. We made more than one stop alongside the road...yes, even though it's for dogs. :)

BoufMom9 said...

Ahhh yes! I have had this dilema with my daughters before. It stinks!
We actually started taking a portable potty with us. (you can get them at Babies R Us, I think)

Amanda said...

So, did she do it?

Heather said...

We actually did make Bee pee alongside the road once on the way home from Florida. It was only about the 9 millionth time she had to go, and we were miles away from the nearest bathroom. She did it, but she wasn't happy about it.