Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007 - Part III

Lunch on Christmas Day was at my Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Connie's House. The highlight of the event... Bobby was home from Germany! He's in the Air Force and he is currently stationed at Ramstein AFB in Germany. He wasn't able to come home for Thanksgiving so we were all very excited to be able to spend Christmas with him.

Bobby, Uncle Mike, Aunt Karen and Brett

Brett, Me, & Bobby

The whole "Smoot" clan. Joel, Erin, Brandon, Chandler, Me, Riley, Grammy, & Squire

Grandmama really racks up at Christmas. All of her kids and grandkids buy for her. This was my cousin Lisa's gift to her. It's a frame with all 3 of Lisa's kid's Christmas pictures.

Lisa's daughter, Katy, and Chandler swapped names this year. Katy bought Chandler a Cinderella Princess doll. Chandler LOVED it and felt that Katy deserved a hug!

Katy doesn't do hugs!

Chandler bought Katy Moon Sand

Riley and Dad opening a gift

Giant Elmo! Riley loves it! Zachary, the youngest of Lisa's kids, got Riley a pair of Mickey mouse PJs. They have her name embroidered on them. They are SO cute! Grandmama bought Riley a cute 1-piece outfit that has a fairy princess teddy bear on the front.

Brett drew my name. I got nylon spatulas... just what I asked for! I also got a snowman coffee mug, some Bath & Body works lotion, and....

We draw names at Thanksgiving. Brett and I were discussing what we would be putting on our lists this year. I mentioned that I would like to have more greenery in my home, but something I can't kill. Somehow a cactus was suggested... I can't remember if I said it or Brett did, but I decided a cactus would be great. SO... after Brett drew my name he bought me a cactus and I LOVE IT! Aunt Karen tells me that Uncle Mike actually picked out this particular cactus, but the idea was Brett's. Great job Brett! I was completely surprised.... Great job Uncle Mike! I love that it has flowers on it!!!

I can't ever get enough of Aunt Karen's Cheesy Potatoes!!! Hot, Cold, Fresh, Leftover... It doesn't matter. I just LOVE them!!

Riley loves Dirt Cake!

I'm glad she likes it... especially since I made it!

Chandler giving us a concert on her violin.

This year there was a ping-pong game after lunch.

Brandon and Joel vs...

Uncle Mike and Bobby! I don't know who won, but based on the photo, my money is on Bobby and Uncle Mike!!

Meanwhile... Inside, Riley and Zachary were keeping us all entertained!

A box is all you need to keep a 9 month old and 13 month old happy!

A few days after Christmas we left Riley and Zachary with Grandmama and we headed out to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was really cute. Chandler loved it and can't wait to see it again! I think I'm going to have to explain the waiting period between movie releases and DVD releases.

When we got back from the movie Zachary and Brandon spent some time bonding! I think Brandon reminded him of his dad, Tony. They both keep their hair buzzed off and someone already asked that day if Brandon and Tony were brothers.

The next day we loaded everything back into the explorer and headed back to Cleveland...
I still have to unpack!


kristy.lynn said...

SHEESH! How'd I miss all these updates??!! You've been busy!

I love that you got a cactus! That seems like such a typical "Jen" present.. lol.. I would kill anything that wasn't really hardy in my house too.. that's why we do silk.. lol.

I see your scrapbooking stash.. hehehe... someone loves you huh? ;)

Glad to see the Smoot clan had a good Christmas ;)