Monday, February 11, 2008

11 month update

We have a had big start to 2008 here at the Miles House!

For Chandler is was:
*Her 5th Birthday
*A birthday photo shoot
*The Kindergarten Physical

For me is was:
*My Birthday
*Taking on the role of the Pre-school choir director at our church
**LOST returned to TV... we all know that has been the highlight so far! :)

For Brandon:
*Royal Ranger "Pinewood Derby Car Season" is now in full swing

This past month has been a really BIG one for Riley.
*She endured surgery
*She's obviously growing... her food intake is AMAZING! She's eating us out of house and home. Don't believe me... just wait till you see the photos!
*She loves to clap
*She has developed an extremely creepy laugh
*She seems to have bypassed the normal, "mama" and "dada" for more complex words like, "Uh Oh!" and "No No"
**One thing has NOT changed... she can't get enough of big sister Chandler!

So, here are the 11 month photos!

That's a night light she's holding.
You may remember the 8 month photo that was so difficult because she was really ANGRY or the 10 month photo that was difficult because of the snotty nose....
This one was a challenge because she was TOO HAPPY! Is that even possible?? YES! She was squealing, laughing, throwing the bear and trying to climb all over the chair. I was able to keep her still with the night light just long enough to get this shot.

"Hey Buddy! I know you! We meet here every month!"
This picture is also a good shot of her surgery incision. We had a follow-up appointment this past week. Her doctor said it's healing up nicely.
She wants us to come back in 6 months to see if the cyst had any impact on the astigmatism that she discovered at Riley's first eye appointment.

Silly Girls!
I love this picture... this is pretty much how the whole photo shoot went. Chandler would laugh and it would make Riley laugh. Riley laughing would make Chandler laugh... and it started all over again!

Proof of Riley's eating habits....
This is what Riley does after she eats everything in sight... she starts checking her arms, legs, belly, etc. for anything that might be left!

This particular day she sat in her high chair and ate for just about 2 HOURS!
I put her in her chair at 4:00 so she could eat and I could start dinner. She had a jar of baby food and some dry cereal. When she finished, she started hitting her tray demanding something else... I opened a can of greenbeans and gave her a few. She ended up eating just about the whole jar.
By then, it was a little after 5:00 and Brandon was home. We sat down for dinner and Riley demanded her portion as well! She ate a little of this and a little of that until we all finished dinner at about 6:00!

If you are trying to come up with an idea for a birthday gift for Riley, food is probably the way to go! :) Or maybe clothes... her belly is going to grow so large that we aren't going to be able to keep her in current clothes much longer!


judee d said...

Kids are just sooooo cute. Love the photos of the two girls. Sisters are just magic.
Keep smiling and healthy
Victoria Australia

Mrs. Jones said...

I LOVE this posting! Wish I was closer to see them giggle everyday!

Mathews Family said...

How great that she eats so well! I am usually highly encouraging Will to eat more than one bite of anything! I've started an extremely bad habit- he eats really well if he's playing with something in his high chair. Whatever works?

Your girls are adorable and I love reading your Chandler stories!

Mathews Family said...

Ps. How is sleep going?