Friday, February 22, 2008

Do Your Kids Like Books?

Do you like FREE books?

Check out Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. **Note: This program may not be available in your area. Go to the website to see if there is a sponsor your state/county/city/community.

Chandler and Riley are both a part of this program. Well I should say, Chandler WAS until she turned 5... children are eligible from birth through 5 years old.

We started the program last May... it took about a month to get our first book... I think we joined in the middle of a cycle so we had to wait until the next one started.

Each month the girls get an age appropriate book delivered right to our mailbox.

Chandler LOVES to get mail so she was always extra excited when it was "book day". When her final book came (Ms. Bindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate) I had to explain to her that she wouldn't be getting any more books because she would be starting school soon.... anyone who knows Chandler would know that she was more than ok with this explanation since it means that kindergarten is closer than ever!

We have been more impressed with Riley's books than we have with Chandler's, but that's just our own personal opinion.

Riley loves to look at books so this has been a great program for her.
Some of Riley's favorites include:
Where's My Nose by Susan Ring
Look at the Animals! by Peter Linenthal
Look Look! by Peter Linenthal
Corduroy Goes to the Doctor by Don Freeman

So... check out the Imagination Library. It's free. You might as well sign up!

Riley "reading" with Daddy


Mrs. Jones said...

I love it! Have you found any Harold and the Purple Crayon?

The Sharpe's said...

Thanks for reminding me! We had the free books until last April when we moved, so I called and had our address changed quite a few months ago, and have yet to receive them, it's pretty frustrating...but I am going to try to get in contact w/them again, our last year of books :0( Peyton turns 5 in a year and a half :0(

kristy.lynn said...

wow. what a cool program! i doubt i could be lucky enough to take part in that. hmm... will def. look into! we love books! :)