Monday, February 11, 2008

Only Chandler!

Chandler says things on a regular basis that make me laugh... here's a good one.

Here's a little background: Our friends, Patty and Andy, just became grandparents. Their grandson's name is Baker and he is adorable!
When I told Chandler that Ms. Patty had a grandson named Baker she said, "Oh! Like the Bakerman in that Pat-a-Cake song!"


Last night we were having dessert with our friends Jonathan and Amy.
This is a real life conversation between Chandler and Jonathan...

Chandler: "Pastor Jon-fin. Ms. Patty has a baby."
Jonathan: "Really? Ms. Patty at the church?"
Chandler: "Yep. She has a baby."
Jonathan: "Yeah. She has a grandbaby."
Chandler: "Yep, a grandbaby."
Jonathan: "What's his name again?"
Chandler: "Cooker."

After I finished laughing at her mistake I corrected her, "No Chan. His name is Baker."
"Oh yeah. I forgot, like the Bakerman!"

Baker. Cooker. They both work in a kitchen, right?


The Sharpe's said...

That is tooooooo funny haha!!! i love kids haha!! LOl :0)

kristy.lynn said...

that is too cute! kids really do say the darndest things! :)