Monday, February 4, 2008

Princess Party!

Ok! I know. Chandler's party was on January 5th and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it! To make up for the delay I've included a ton of photos. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them) In all honesty, I was waiting on a few pictures. Now that I have most of them, here are all the details!

Chandler wanted to have a Princess Tea Party for her birthday this year. Since turning 5 is a big deal we decided (well we being me and Chandler) that a Princess Tea Party would be perfect. However, as we went through the process of planning it kind of morphed into Princess Party and the "tea" part got dropped.

The Princesses! Left to Right: Maddie, Chandler, Abby and Lily.
Chandler was REALLY bummed that her pal Daphne couldn't make it to the party. She was out on the west coast visiting her grandparents.

Party Horns (or Party Sneakers, as Chandler calls them) were a HUGE hit with the girls. I bought a pack of 8 and it's a good thing because they each went through 2 a piece and could have easily gone through more! Kids this young don't really know how to blow into a horn without spitting and drooling all over the place!

A little pre-lunch dancing! I told you the horns were a hit!

Lunch Time!! Chandler made the menu: PB&J heart shaped sandwiches, carrots and dip, chips, pink princess punch and tea.

Chandler and Maddie telling Knock Knock Jokes. Have you ever heard 3, 4, and 5 year olds tell Knock Knock Jokes?!? It's enough to make you crazy!!!

Abby and her party horn!

Chandler and her sandwich... she asked for PB&J, but she doesn't even like jelly. I had to make her a special PB only. She also doesn't like to dip her carrots so I have no idea why she would even THINK of carrots and dip.

Maddie thinking up another good joke to tell

Little Lily!

Present Time!!!

Fashion Dress Up set from Abby and Ms. Jennifer

Ariel and Prince Eric "Barbie Dolls" from Mommy and Daddy

Shoes from Aunt Erin

A Princess Paddle Ball game from Lily and Ms. Becky

Time for Cake!! Chandler REALLY wanted this particular cake.
Last year we did Princess cupcakes and that worked out great! This year she insisted on "cake, NOT cupcakes!!" We got "the" Ariel cake. All of the girls "oohed and ahhed" over it, but I don't think any of them ate more than 3 bites!!!

**Note to self: Next year get the cupcakes and save yourself the hassle of cutting a cake that no one is going to eat!

Happy Birthday Chandler!

After the cake the girls ran around playing with all of Chandler's princess stuff. From all of the laughs and giggles I would say they enjoyed themselves.
For our "craft" the girls painted mermaid magnets. Unfortunately, I don't think any of us got pictures of them painting them! We were too busy trying to help them keep the paint on the magnets and off of themselves!!

Chandler gave out her party bags and it was time for everyone to go!

Chandler and Abby saying goodbye!

Once everyone was gone, Chandler wasted no time breaking into her new V-Smile games...

and her Fashion Dress Up Set from Abby. Set includes slinky dress, beaded necklace, elbow length gloves (not pictured), feather boa, rhinestone sunglasses, rhinestone studded cellphone with case, and "puppy carrying purse" complete with her very own puppy.

"Huh? There was a party here? I must have slept through it!"
Riley actually slept all the way through lunch.
After presents, the girls loved on her and were very happy to have the little sister at the party. I bet that won't be the case in a few years... when she's not a baby anymore.


Mrs. Jones said...

What are you trying to say? You didn't always want your little sister at your birthday parties? "I know what it is...I hope it's nothing!"

kristy.lynn said...

looks like chandler had a blast! we are gearing up for birthday season around here... love the princess goods... i get all boy-ed out sometimes! :)