Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know... how could I have forgotten!?!?

So, the Australia post was.... long. I'll admit it, but you wanted the details, right?

Anyway... in my attempt to condense it... yes, I did condense it... I forgot a few things.

My hotel...

Rydges Bankstown
I would just like to note that this was the MOST comfortable bed I've EVER slept in!
You know how at most hotels you get 2 pillows and they are either completely flat or so over stuffed that your neck hurts from sleeping on it?
I think I had 6 actual pillows... not including decorative ones... and they were all perfect!
I just saw that I can purchase one of these beds online... do I dare look to see how much it is??
$2000 for the entire bed... base, mattress, everything... however, they do not deliver to the states. Bummer.

The Dancing Elephant at the Taronga Zoo...

We got a big kick out of him/her!

Jackie made a note that she liked my accent.
Huh? I have an accent? OH! You mean that's what that obnoxious southern twang is?
So Jackie, you should enjoy these next 2 videos!

The Seals at the Aquarium...

Ok. This last video is of my walk from Target back to the hotel. Please forgive the quality since I was walking while filming.
I shot this video because it felt so odd to be walking down the side of the road and the cars to be coming from the opposite direction that they would be in the states...
**Note that a random NSW bird flies out of nowhere and directly across my path at the 17 second mark!


Heather said...

Hi there! Thanks for the shoutout to Rydges. I write a blog for Rydges hotels that you might want to check out sometime.


Carolina Mama said...

What a fun trip! Glad it all went so well. You really documented it well. :)

Heather said...

Jen, your trip sounds so amazing! I've always wanted to go to Australia too. It was so sweet of your husband to take care of the kids so you could have a special trip, just for you!