Monday, October 27, 2008

Our 1st UGA Game!

So, WAY back in June, I won 2 UGA football tickets on Ebay. The day before I left for Australia, Brandon and I took a road trip to Athens, Georgia to watch the Dawgs whip up on Central Michigan. The dawgs did not disappoint! :)

This trip to Athens was a first for me and for Brandon.

I'm pretty sure Athens is the ONLY place you will find a concrete bulldog wearing a toga!

We parked at The Varsity and had a quick lunch.
Now, I've eaten at the downtown Atlanta location MANY times in my 28 years and I have always LOVED the chaos of eating there (anywhere else chaos would drive me crazy, but it's all part of the experience at The Varsity!), but I have to say, it was nice to eat at the Athens location. It's WAY smaller, but just as noisey! :)

I can't remember what Brandon ordered, but here's mine...

Two Chili Burgers and Onion Rings! YUM!

But here's what makes me the MOST excited about a trip to The Varsity...

A Frosted Orange! (an F.O... for those of you who "speak Varsity"!)

After lunch we made the LONG walk to the stadium. We didn't do a very good job at judging how long it would take us to get to Athens... our directions were a little odd... or how long it would take us to find a parking spot WITHOUT paying $20 to park!

Once we made it to our seats we were just in awe of everything!

Us Pregame!

The Readcoat Marching band.

I never marched on the collegiate level because the college I attended doesn't even have a football team, but seeing the band in the stands REALLY made me miss marching band!

There's not many things that I REALLY miss about high school... and I was pretty sure that marching band was out of my system for good, but seeing these guys at halftime... *sigh*

AND... this really made me laugh... the last name of one of the drummajors was SMOOT! Those of you whom I know in "real life" will find that funny as well.
Smoot is my maiden name. :)

Every Friday night during marching season for 3 years the announcer guy would say, "...the Belleview High School band under the field direction of drummajor, Jennifer Smoot."
Ah! Good Memories!

The band playing before the game... the stands filled up pretty quick after I shot this video!
**Note: The UGA fight song is the ring tone on my cellphone. :)

Our seats were GREAT!
We were in the Alumni Section on the "shady side" of the stadium! Thank goodness for that!

We were in a good spot to see some pretty amazing plays... like this play by #24, Knowshon Moreno...

The fans went CRAZY!
I texted my friend, Dawn, who is probably the biggest UGA fan I know, and she said she was screaming so loud the neighbor's were probably wondering what was going on! :)

This guy that sat in front of me drove me a little crazy...

not only did he have his own running commentary, but...

this was how much room I had for my legs!

Just before halftime... the dawgs drivin' it towards the endzone!


Ok, by halfway through the 3rd quarter I was beginning to lose focus! :) It was HOT and I was TIRED!

I perked back up after Moreno's amazing hurdle at the end of the 3rd quarter!!

The Dawgs played a great game! I'm so glad we were able to go to a game this season... hopefully we can make it to one next year!