Friday, October 17, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday...

Today, October 17th, is a very special day!

Today is Kristy's birthday!

Happy Birthday Kristy!!

Kristy and I have been friend's since 1995. We met as members of the Belleview High Marching Band! :)
Kristy was in the color guard and I was the drum major (yes, go ahead and laugh... I was the queen of all band geeks!)

We've been friends now for 13 years! WOW KRISTY! Did you realize it had been that long?!?!?

So happy birthday to Kristy...

My birthday gift to you.... Chapter 22 of Eclipse! ENJOY! :)

PS. I thought about posting an embarrassing picture, but seeing as how my birthday is rolling around in a few months... I thought better of it! :)


kristy.lynn said...

AWWW!!! thanks JEN! :) and no i didn't realize it'd been that long!! :)

i'm only sorry you live so far away!

i'd love to see this picture... hehe... !:)

i'm off to finish 21 to get to 22... i feel like i have ants in my pants... it's like the first book all over again... my eyes can't go as fast as my minds wants it too!

Carolina Mama said...

You're a smart girl! And that is also kind too. :)

LM said...

Jennifer, you are not going to believe this. I was a drum major in high school.
Twilight Zone.