Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's ok if you don't like it...

OK. Some of you may be sick of hearing about Twilight so I'm just going to give you the links for the newest TV spots.... :)
Spot #4
Spot #5
Spot #6

BTW... the 4th TV spot is my favorite!


Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

I am so NOT sick of it! You are my go-to-gal for all things twilight!! :) Keep 'em coming!!

kristy.lynn said...

WHAT would i do if you didn't keep me on top of all the new videos!!! OMG! I can HARDLY STAND IT! I've converted 2 more girls in my office! ANND ANNND i even got Christina to agree to come to the midnight movie... eventhough she thinks i am totally looney! the girl at work who is just finishing twilight swears stephenie meyer's laces her book w/ drugs!!!