Thursday, February 12, 2009

A letter to Diego

Dear Diego,

While I can appreciate the values and education that you and your cousin, Dora, are attempting to pass along to preschoolers, I do have a small complaint.

You see, my daughter, Riley, is 23 months old and as of late has developed a slightly, albeit cute, obsession with your television show.

Normally, this is not too much of a problem except that she wants to watch your show even when it is not on. I have not yet been able to teach her about the structure and schedule of the tv guide.

So, in order to remedy this small problem, I have begun setting my DVR to record new episodes of your show. Problem solved, right?

Well, in today's episode, Cousin Dora made a guest appearance. The combination of her two most beloved cartoon characters on the television all at once was too much for Riley to contain!

It could only have been more exciting if you had been rescuing Blue and Magenta from the evil clutches of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (and let's not forget Baby Paprika) while Joe (or Steve) narrated the adventure.

Ok, but back to the excitement...

This caused Riley to run down the hallway screaming "Day-go! Dora! Day-go! Dora!"

Unfortunately, this was during Jeremiah's nap.

I was using nap time to get some much needed work done around my house. *sigh* I was being quite productive until this moment.

So, Diego. I appreciate the entertainment value that you bring to my home. I appreciate that I can often sneak in a shower while you memorize my child with stories of 3 toed sloths and baby beluga whales.
I just wish your show didn't come on during nap time!

Sincerely (yet frustrated),

Jennifer Miles


Renata said...

Ellie still enjoys Dora - but I didn't know Diego had his own show. Hope the next nap time is a bit quieter.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ha! This is so right on...Savannah cannot get enough of Diego and Dora, and when they are in an episode together...look out!

Chimera said...

Here in Australia Diego & Dora are only on weekend mornings, Saturday - Diego at 6:30am & Dora at 7:00am & on Sunday they are both shown 1/2 hour earlier.

Little Bear likes them both, but I prefer Diego.

Thankfully the last few weekends she has been sleeping through most of Diego though.

Grannysaurus said...

I was going to say something about missing out on the fun here in the antipodes, but apparently if you are up before 7am on the weekend you don't miss out. Only Mums of young kids are up at that time not Grannies like me. Lucky Mums ;)

Mummy McTavish said...

Hehehe, my kids have learnt that if you get to Grannysaurus' house before lunch time you might get to share her breakfast with her:)

I like Diego and Dora too. The boys just love animals so I get out of bed, turn it on, get back in bed and they come in and nag me for breakfast when it's finished. If only they could figure out not to push EVERY button on the remote to turn the TV on they might even be able to let me stay in bed!