Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday... oops.

So, I forgot about my Monday Mumblings... and I just realized I forgot last week too. Oops!

So, Monday Mumblings on Tuesday:
1. Evan arrives this Saturday. I'm excited!

2. Chandler asks at dinner every night, "How many days till you pick Evan up at the airport?"

3. Riley. Well. She's Riley. She's screaming. A lot.

4. I'm taking something to help me sleep... well, it's not FOR sleeping, but it helps with that too.

5. As you see, it's almost midnight and I'm awake.

6. It worked great yesterday. The problem is I fell asleep at 7:00. Now I'm awake.

7. I have a million things to do before Friday afternoon, but I've just been so tired.

8. I MUST get myself into gear tomorrow... tired or not. Things must be done.

9. My camera is busted... thanks Riley.

10. I need a new one.

So, this is where today's Project 365 would go.....


I took a picture on my cellphone since my camera is busted.
However, the signal at my house isn't strong enough to send the picture to my computer. ARG!

So, I did take a picture today and I did attempt to blog about it so I'm still on track with my project.

I get a GREAT signal at Chandler's school. Maybe I'll send it to myself in the morning... maybe. :)


This is what happened when I bathed the girls before dinner and then tried to lay down for a quick nap... everyone piled onto the loveseat!


Grannysaurus said...

My sympathies. When technology lets us down it is sooooooo frustrating you could throw something.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chandler will let you use her camera. Grammy

Mummy McTavish said...

What a great photo! It looks very snuggly.