Monday, February 16, 2009

A seat with a view...

This was my view on the way to Lynchburg, TN today...


And on the way back...
Those are my feet propped up on the arm rest between Brandon and Evan. :)

My Monday Mumblings for today...

1. Lynchburg, TN is further from Cleveland than it seems on the map.

2. My kids do not travel as well as they used to! *Maybe it's because we have traveled so much the last few days*

3. Evan is very tolerant of my children... for that I am thankful.

4. Chandler has really taken a liking to Evan... for that, I feel sorry for him!

5. The Jack Daniel's Distillery is smelly... not really bad... not really good... just smelly.

6. The Jack Daniel's Distillery tour is educational... when you aren't chasing children and you can pay attention to the guide.

7. Our guide... slightly obnoxious. *sigh*

8. However, Evan got the opportunity to hear a "real tennessee accent".

9. I'm looking forward to only having to be in the car long enough to take Chandler to and from school tomorrow!

10. I'm exhausted!


kristy.lynn said...

i'm glad evan is having an authentic southern experience!! :)

hope you guys continue to have fun!!! :)

Mummy McTavish said...

Travelling in the back seat as an adult is even more exhausting than normal travelling. Did it exhaust you enough to get some good sleep?

Renata said...

Sounds exhausting - I find travelling always is (even just an hour to Wagga & back wears me out).