Friday, April 18, 2008

Big Kid Bike Take 2!!

We tried the "big kid bike" last summer. She wasn't quite ready. Going from a tricycle to a bike with training wheels was harder than we thought it would be!!

She's still working on how to peddle FORWARDS not BACKWARDS! Last summer, anytime she pushed back, and the brakes came on, she would get SO MAD! We finally told her that we were putting the bike away until she could do it without 100 meltdowns a day! :)

A few weeks ago she asked if we could get the bike out and try again.

I went to the shed and had to dig it out from the back... we've managed to accumulate a TON of stuff since last summer! How does that happen??

I reminded her that it would take practice to learn to ride it and she needed to remember that getting mad wasn't going to help her learn how to ride any faster.

Her response? "Mom, I already know that."

She is doing 100 times better this summer. What a difference a year makes!
I'm also very glad that we live on a dead end... It provides a great practice area!

By the way... I took a really great video on my digital camera and I was excited about posting it, but there's no sound AND I could get the picture to rotate! UGH!


kristy.lynn said...

mason peddles backwards too, we are far from the trike i think!