Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yay for Spring!

The weather has been kind of odd here the last two months or so, but the past week and a half (when it hasn't been raining) it has been BEAUTIFUL!!

We have found that Riley has a LOVE for "all things outdoors". Crawling in the grass, riding in her stroller, standing on the deck watching the bubble machine, taking a walk in the wagon, and most recently, playing with our neighbor's dog, Max.

We "met" Max a few weeks ago. We thought he was a stray because he didn't have a collar. Now, anyone who knows Chandler and has spent any amount of time with her knows she's a little (ok, a lot) intimidated by dogs.

Max trotted up to our Explorer one day as Chandler was getting out. They both just stood there looking at each other. Max didn't jump on her. He didn't sniff her. He didn't bark. He just looked. I could see the panic in Chandler's face, but I assured her that he looked like a nice dog and he was probably just lost and lonely.

Chandler went inside to get a bowl of water for Max... because all lost dogs need a fresh drink! :) When she came back she put the bowl on the front steps and sat down "near, but not TOO near" the bowl. Max took a little drink, sniffed us a little and then sat down next to Chandler. I tried not too intervene too much, I wanted her to decide what to do on her own.

She befriended Max and for the next half hour they ran and jumped all over our yard (front and back). Chandler fell in love with Max and watching her transformation from "scared of dogs" to running and playing with Max made me love Max too!

A little while later we heard our neighbor across the street calling for Max... I knew it was too good to be true. He already had a home.

Chandler cried when I told her we needed to take him to his house. She was convinced that Max would like it at our house more... that's all I'll say about that. :)

We took him home, but he still visits us quite often.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day so we played outside...

Chandler rode her bike... Riley wanted a bike to ride so we pulled out Chandler's old Barbie trike.

"Make this thing GO!"

Max came for a visit...

Riley's 1st up close and personal with Max.

Chandler found a ball to play fetch with Max... I don't think he understands all of the rules of fetch just yet!

Riley wanted to share the ball with Max... he's not a very good sharer, but he was SUPER and didn't seem to mind Riley and Chandler bugging him. :)

Chandler calls this Max's "collection". His ball and a stick.

Riley was very intrigued by Max's tail. She would look at me and smile as if to say, "Hey Mom! Do you see that crazy thing?!"


Just after this she took a nice "bite" of Max's tail! :) It was probably more like a "lick", but either way, his tail was in her mouth and he didn't even flinch! GREAT DOG!


kristy.lynn said...

uh oh... looks like it's time for a doggy in the miles family! :) i love all the pictures of the girls with that pooch. what a good doggie!:)