Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Uh oh!

You may have noticed (and you may not!) that my calendar is missing and my list of sites for you to check out has changed a little.... funny story.

My friend Christina, has a cool background on her blog so I thought I would try to get one too. I followed the link that she used, I found a pretty background that "looked like me", and I followed the directions to install it.
A little box popped up that said something about, "Do you want to continue? If you click yes, all of those widgets will be deleted."
Yes, I want to continue and I have NO IDEA what a widget is, so who cares if it is deleted?!?

Ummmmm, I should have figured out what a widget was BEFORE I clicked that button. You see, when those little boxes pop up it's because YOU CAN NOT UNDO WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO!

Apparently, the widgets that were being deleted were my calendar, my list of links, the little box where you can enter you e-mail address to get updates on my blog, and my counter that keeps track of the visits to my page... UGH!

I was especially sad to lose my counter because I was WELL over 1000 visits and now I've lost all record of those visits.... STINK! (or as my friend, Shannon, would say, "FOOT!")

So, sometime in the (near) future, I will try to get my calendar back on the page... I KNOW you love seeing a list of what we are doing everyday! :)
I think I've re-listed all of the sites on my "cool sites you should check out" list, but if you remember one that I had on there and it's not anymore... let me know!

I found a new counter and it's super cool... maybe some of you "computer geeks" won't be that impressed, but I am. I can now see where people who read my blog live! Yep, if you click on my blog a little map shows me your location. :)
Since 3/31/08 I've had "visitors" from:
Perry, GA
Seattle, WA
Lady Lake, FL
Hawkinsville, GA
Macon, GA
Milledgeville, GA
Minot, ND
Kite, Ga (where's that???)
Ocala, FL
Henderson, NV
Chattanooga, TN
Cleveland, TN

Some of those I expected, but some are a surprise... very cool.

So, you are thinking to yourself, "How did someone from _____ find Jen's blog?" Well, I have an answer for you!

My favorite funny mom blog is Because I Said So. In her blog, Dawn, posted all of the Google searches that helped people find her blog... some of them are pretty funny... mine not so funny, but here they are...
things people Googled... and found my site:

john deere first birthday supplies
obviously because of Colten's first birthday

"a cabin somewhere" blog
because of my Let it Snow blog

Other people found my blog via someone else's blog... several people found me through The Sharpe Family.

As these discoveries become more interesting, I may post some more.

In other news... I hope the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers" is true! It has been raining cats and dogs here and my poor flowers I planted last week (and yesterday) are water logged!!!


The Sharpe's said...

HAHAHAAHHAA LOLOLOL!!! I'm so very sorry!!! About you losing everything!!! I did too! and I was shocked!!! I have a friend that told me about the new place to get a background too, and she didn't tell me you lost all that "stuff"....where did you find that counter thing? that's cool!!!!

kristy.lynn said...

That counter is TOO cool!

Mrs. Jones said...

You need to add to your cool sites :)

amanda Miles said...

i'm the one from milledgeville! yay!

Graham said...

Jen, I was on Saige's blog which gives a link to Renee's blog which linked me to Heather Cavanah's blog where I noticed your blog. (You may be on Renee's, but I wasn't looking. Heather's links are in big, pink letters which my old eyes noticed.) So here I am - *Miss Danna* Great pics of the girls and your family. So rather than go through that process again,you're now in "favorites." I'm going to do the same for all these other blogs I take a long trip "around my elbow to get to my thumb" - it comes from being computer-illiterate and over 50.