Friday, April 18, 2008

A sad, sad day....

Little Max is missing... I saw him following a guy down the street earlier today and no one has seen him since.

I'm am just sick about it. I haven't told Chandler yet. She will be heartbroken.

He's not even my dog, but on my way to Blockbuster tonight I drove really slowly down my street with my window down calling for him... At Blockbuster I prayed that I would overhear someone talking about this adorable little doggy that just wandered up into their yard today... On the way home, I drove with my window down calling Max and just hoping I would see his silly little face and floppy ears running towards my car.

No such luck. :(


kristy.lynn said...

oh jen! i will keep my fingers crossed that someone brings him home! how sad! :(