Saturday, May 3, 2008

and the award for the Best Smile goes to...

This past Tuesday was the end of the cheer leading season. This was an abbreviated/trial run season. It was a success so the church has decided to run a full length program in the fall....

Here's your heads up! The full length program means competitions. IF they compete there is the possibility that we will be taking the girls to compete in Orlando... Coach Jessica already told the girls that this was a possibility and that it would include A TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD... IF they can raise enough money and get enough sponsors.
Now, Chandler is only 5 and the youngest in the squad this year, but she has been to Disney World. Do you think she heard anything about possibility, IF, raise money, get sponsors?? OF COURSE SHE DIDN'T!!!!
She told me yesterday that she wants to do cheer leading again because.... wait for it.... SHE WILL GET TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD!!

Coach Jessica has no children of her own. :)

So back to the cheer leading performance....
The girls did pretty good... The 3rd time around! :)
The 1st attempt. Not so good.
The 2nd. A little better.
The 3rd. They actually looked like they may have done this before!

I had seen them do it better the week before in practice, but for the parents that didn't know what it was supposed to look like, it was probably quite splendid!

Chandler did great. I was proud of her. I just kept reminding myself that she's only been in the program for 8 weeks, they only practice 1 time a week, and Coach Jessica introduced the bulk of the routine only 2 weeks prior to the performance.

We did get it on video, (THANKS APRIL!!) but I haven't been able to figure out how to put it online... I'll keep trying.
For now you will have to settle for pictures. :)

Eating dinner with the squad just before the performance.

Photos from the routine...

Starting positions

Can you see Chandler? She's in the middle of the photo looking up!

Everyone made it... this must have been the 3rd attempt!

"Hurrying" to the next position... hurrying is a matter of opinion. :)

Chandler's stunt group. She's the one in the front with her back to the camera.
She was supposed to be the "flyer" (a flyer is the girl in the air), but she backed out at the practice 30 minutes before the performance.

She obviously has great confidence in her group's flyer since she decided NOT to hold her legs for her!

Each girl got a certificate. Each certificate was for a different award... Best jumps, best voice, most spirit, best formations, best base (the person on the bottom of the stunt group), best flyer, best all around, most improved and leadership awards.

The girls with their awards.

Our Chandler won BEST SMILE. :)

Showing off her new pom-poms.


BoufMom9 said...

What a beautiful smile too! :)