Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

I started looking through old Mother's Day photos and here's what I found.... A year makes a BIG difference!

Mother's Day 2007

Mother's Day 2006... Chandler getting ready for the Cherub Choir. Since you can't see her face I posted this photo...

Mother's Day 2006

Somehow we managed to completely miss Mother's Day 2005. That must have been before our digital camera days! :)

2004. So it's not actually on Mother's Day... we managed to miss it this year as well, but it was taken the same week. We took it on our web camera.

Mother's Day 2003. My first Mother's Day and also soon after my graduation from Lee University.


LM said...

You have such a precious family! Happy Mother's day to you, fellow stay-at-home-mom-with-the-same-last-name.
Oh yeah, I meant to tell you...our jumpy place isn't Monkey Joe's, but similar I'm sure!

Emily said...

What a great post!

Amanda said...

when i first looked at the picture of you and chan from the webcam, i thought it was riley! i mean her hair was too long but bro is a lucky guy to have three such beautiful ladies in his life!