Friday, May 30, 2008

You know *that* tone of voice...

For the past many months I have just been so pleased with how well my girls get along. They are 4 years and 2 months apart in age so I wasn't too sure how well they would do once Riley became "mobile", but they are great. The only squabbles we have had are over Riley pulling one of Chandler's precious Disney Princess Polly Pockets off of the sofa while Chandler is creating some elaborate and deadly cliffhanging scenario in which Prince Charming, Prince Eric or Prince Philip must rescue the Princesses... It usually ends when Chandler gives up one of the 100s 10 that she has to make Riley leave her alone happy. :)

Over the last week I have been wondering how long we can keep us this happy cohabitation.

A few minutes ago Chandler called me from the living room where she and Riley were sharing a bowl of dry Cheerios and enjoying sippy cups of milk....

C: "Mom!" in *that* exasperated tone of voice... the voice that says, "I'm completely OVER this little sister bugging me to death!"
J: "What Chan?" Usually it's nothing so I've stopped running to her every call! :)
C: "Me and Riley is fighting!"
J: "Why are you fighting?"
C: "Because I want you to come in here!"
J: "You are fighting because you want me to come in there and...."
C: "Just come in here!"
J: "Is the fight because Riley doesn't want me to come in there?" :)
C: "No, we are fighting and I need you to come in here!"

Here is what I expect to find...
Chandler on the sofa guarding the bowl of Cheerios and staking out a sizable portion of the sofa and claiming it for the kingdom of Polly Pocket Princesses.
The evil ogre from the nearby wood Riley attempting to climb the walls of the kingdom side of the sofa in an attempt to eat the villagers Cheerios.

I walked into the living room to find....
My girls both sitting in the exact place I left them... on the soft laying side by side watching Curious George on PBS.
The only difference... The shared bowl of Cheerios is now on the end table and there are a few of them scattered on the sofa.

J: "I thought you were fighting."
C: "We are! Riley wants to make a mess with the Cheerios and I won't let her."

This from the child who would spill a whole bowl of cereal, pick up 3 pieces and tell me that she cleaned it up! :)