Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok, have you looked at my flag counter since last night? No? Well you should check it out.

Apparently my latest blog all about my glasses was a hit in countries outside of the U.S.. Why? I don't know. But I had over 150 hits since I posted at 9:54 pm.

Here's the rundown...
36 visits from Germany
34 from the United Kingdom
11 from Canada
10 from France
6 from Australia
5 from Switzerland
5 from the Netherlands
4 from Belgium
4 from Spain
4 from Sweden
4 from Finland
4 from the Czech Republic
3 from Poland
3 from Japan
2 from Croatia
2 from Italy
2 from Denmark
2 from Norway
2 from the Russian Federation
2 from Thialand
2 from Sri Lanka
2 from South Africa
1 from Portugal
1 from Malaysia
1 from Ireland
1 from Indonesia
1 from Hungary
1 from the Philippines
1 from Liechtenstein
1 from Israel
1 from Estonia
1 from Argentina
1 from New Zealand
1 from Brazil

That's 157 hits from countries outside of the U.S. since last night just before 10 pm EST.

It looks like all of them came from this page.

Some of you may know how this happened. If you do, please enlighten me! :)



Amanda said...

it looks like a website all about eyeglasses? that is weird.

i am at least one of the ones from germany!