Saturday, May 3, 2008

Riley at 14 months

Well she didn't crawl until 10 months. She didn't attempt to stand until 12 months. WHY WOULD WE EXPECT WALKING TO BE ANY DIFFERENT?!?

She's not walking on her own yet, but at least she's interested in it.

I bought this pushing/riding toy yesterday. She has been trying to push Chandler's grocery cart, but it's a little too tall and not quite heavy enough... I tried loading it with books, but I decided that was a little dangerous!

She really got excited about it and even took a few trips up and down the street in front of the house....

Does she remind you of an old lady wearing a mumu pushing a grocery cart??

Chandler got a kite (can't beat a $1 Wal-mart kite!)....


The Sharpe's said...

I need to buy Peyton one of those kites!!! :0) Is it just in the toys section??

And Peyton didn't walk until he was 15 months!!! He started rolling like at 7 months and then started crawling close to his one year!!!! so no worries, at least she's going from point A to point B, that's what the doctor always told me w/Peyton ;0)

kristy.lynn said...

mason didn't walk until almost 16 months! i think she looks adorable! :)

LM said...

Wow! This is scary! I just read your comment and checked out your blog! We do live parallel lives!
Not only that, but my little Aubin didn't start walking until 14 1/2 months, (I'm serious!)
You take great photos, by the way. I love the one with your little girl and the kite.

Amanda said...

hey jen, this is the blog I'll be posting on from germany! i'll probably put pictures on facebook because that is so easy. i'm excited and i can't believe i'm leaving tomorrow!

BoufMom9 said...

Oh wow! Look at her go go go!!!
What a Big Girl!
PS I LOVE the colors of her dress! F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S