Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby it's cold outside...

The last few mornings it has been a little more than "chilly" outside... it has been down right COLD! Each morning at 6:45 I RUN out to my Explorer and start the engine to hopefully warm it up a little before rushing my kids out the door to school...

We have leather seats... I LOVE my leather seats because any time the kids spill anything, it wipes up pretty easy, but I don't LOVE my leather seats when it's below freezing outside! I don't know if you know this, but LEATHER SEATS ARE COLD!

Anyway, so each morning we race around like crazy women getting ready for school and I'm always thinking, "Dear God. Please let the ice on my windshield be melted so I don't have to freeze to death while scraping ice off of the windows."
Most mornings He takes mercy on me and the ice is melted...

This was NOT one of those mornings!

Chandler had to be at school a little earlier this morning to have "Pancakes with Pastor". Her school has a day where the kids invite their Pastor to come have pancakes with them in the cafeteria before classes start. Chandler invited Pastor Jonathan, our children's pastor (and good friend, to have pancakes with her.

We woke up on time, but just as I was about to load up Chandler's backpack I realized that I forgot to make her lunch last night!
Probably because Jonathan and Amy came over to help us celebrate Brandon's birthday... but that's another post... coming soon!

I raced around making a lunch when I realized that I had not gone out to start the Explorer yet! UGH!
I ran outside and started the engine... ran back inside to finish Chandler's lunch... crammed the girl's into their coats and we ran out to load up.

Out of curiosity, each morning I check the temperature on the way to school. Recently I've been checking the temp in Fahrenheit and Celsius. **My continued obsession with all things Australian I guess.**

This morning the temperature was 24F... that's -4C for my Australian friends... THAT'S COLD! At one point is also said 21F and -6C, but it changed back to 24F pretty quick.

So, in summary, the coldest day of the "fall" so far was the day that we were running late and I forgot to warm the engine early enough for the ice to melt off of the windshield.

I was running around the car as quickly as possible with an ice scraper. I would like to point out that the ice scraper was a gift from my Grandmama. When she gave it to me I laughed because it has a "mitten" attached to it... however, many times (this morning included) I have said a little thank you to my thoughtful Grandmama as I scraped ice from my windows!!


Heather said...

Have you ever tried some de-icer spray? I don't know the real name of the product, but it comes in an aerosol bottle and you spray it on ice for it to instantly dissolve. It's probably not good to use all the time, but it'd be nice to have on those emergency mornings.

Saige said...

Amen about the leather seats! I miss my Jeep Cherokee--it had a seat warmer and leather. But I wouldn't go back to cloth for anything. Kids make too big of a mess!