Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free kid to a good home!

Yeah, that's right... I thought about advertising a low asking price, but now she's just free.
Only serious inquiries please.

This was one of THOSE days!

Yeah, this picture is from this past January when Riley tried to bake me a birthday cake, but you get the idea!

The first time I attempted to make dinner was at 3:00...
I rounded the corner in the kitchen to find Riley ankle deep in grits... yes, grits!
I tried to sweep them, but that just wasn't working.... so I pulled out my vacuum cleaner.

The second time was about 3:30...
I went to pull the chicken out of the microwave and hear, "MOM! Riley's pouring milk out!"
I round the corner into the living room to find Riley had managed to unscrew the lid on her sippy cup and has poured her milk on their coloring table.
I soaked up the milk and disinfected the table.

The third time was about 4:00...
I again tried to get the chicken out of the microwave when I heard the toilet lid in our back bathroom...
I RAN to the bathroom to find that Riley had dumped an entire box of feminine products all over the floor.
I started towards her and FELL! Why did I fall? BECAUSE THE FLOOR WAS WET!
Apparently she was using Chandler's brand new knit beanie hat (with silver tinsel on it) to soak up all of the water in the toilet and transport it to my bedside table!!!
It was only 20 minutes later when I discovered the hat laying on my bed... still soaked!

From 4:30 till Brandon got home just after 5:00 I sat on my bed and then on the floor in my room using a hair dryer to dry the mattress and the carpet... not because I was overly worried about our old crappy carpet, but because if I didn't do something I was afraid my head would explode!!!

In 2 hours, Riley managed to destroy my house!!!

However, over dinner we had a lovely chat with Chandler about the current happenings in the love life of kindergarteners.

C: "I have another boyfriend now."
B: "Oh yeah? What's his name?"
C: "I don't know."
J: "Is he in your class?"
C: "Yes."
B: "Then you should know his name!"
C: "Ethan."
J: "Ethan C. or Ethan M.?"
C: "The one with the yellow hair that sticks up like this." (As she pulls her bangs straight out from her forehead)
J: "C or M?"
C: "C."
B: "Is he the one that eats breakfast with you in the mornings?"
C: "Yes."
B: "Does he go to church?"
C: "Not to my church."
B: "Does he go to another church?"
C: "Yes, but he didn't tell me which one."
B: "Chandler. I forbid you to see him again!"
C: With big round eyes "I always see him at school!"

We just died laughing...

As she was saying all of these things I grabbed a coloring book (don't you have coloring books laying on your table at dinner time?) and started writing down everything she said.

C: "Um. Are you writing down everything I'm saying?"
J: "Yes."
C: "Why?"
B: "Because you are funny."

A few minutes later...
C: "I want to marry Ethan C."
J: "Chandler don't ever get married."
C: "Look at my eyes! I'm so mad at you that you won't let me marry him!"

Looks at me...
C: "Are you gonna write that down mom?"


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

What a hoot!

I've so had those days. The wet hat on the mattress...priceless :)

kristy.lynn said...

OMG.... I'm thankful Mason never really had a streak like this!!!

Jenny Pennell said...

Thank you...that totally made my day :-)

Heather said...

This is so funny! It's like we're living the same life. I'm pretty sure that Riley and The Cakester share the same brain.

Also, Bee came home the other day and said, "Mom, now Jared is falling in love with me too!"

Poor Bee. So many men, so little time.

Jenn said...

So funny!! Chandler is hilarious!!!! I think Riley's just testing ya'!

Miss Debbie said...

I'll take her! :o) I remember one day like that in particular with my little girl--way back when! I'll have to tell you about it sometime. I'm not surprised the little boys like our Chan---she's a beauty!