Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brandon!

Yesterday, November 18th was Brandon's birthday. He is now 29 years old! :P

He had to work yesterday... isn't that how everyone wants to spend their birthday? At work?

We had tacos for dinner last night.

He got a shirt in the mail from my parents and a card from Chandler & Riley.

The girls went to bed at 8:00 and Brandon THOUGHT we were going to watch a movie...

He went outside to change the lightbulb on our front porch when Jonathan and Amy pulled up in the driveway...

On Monday night, I called Amy and invited them to come over to surprise Brandon for his birthday.
I went and got the girls out of bed and we all sat around eating cake... Chandler knew they were coming over and that there was a surprise cake waiting... she did a very good job of keeping the secret. :)

Brandon was surprised and I think he enjoyed getting to hang out with friends on his birthday!

And really, if we are honest about it, ANYTHING would be better than how we spent his birthday last year!