Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why am I choosing to embarrass myself?

I saw this posted on Heather's blog as well as Renata's blog... check them out!

15 years ago, I was...
*13 years old
*In the 8th grade at Osceola Middle School in Ocala, FL
*The drum major of our middle school band for the Ocala Christmas Parade
*playing the flute
(Sorry, no picture for this one... I honestly looked, but the 8th grade was such an awkward year... I probably burned all pictures from that time in my life!)

10 years ago, I was...
*18 years old
*A high school graduate... graduated with honors :)
*Spending my last summer at home doing community theatre
*Moving to Tennessee in the fall to attend Lee University
*Majoring in Music Education
*Playing the oboe in the Symphonic Band

That's me on the right

The only picture you may ever see of me dancing... I'm just to the right of "Frank Butler"
The show was "Annie Get Your Gun"

Freshman year of college in the Symphonic Band
That's Brandon sitting behind us... funny that we barely knew each other in the picture!

Me and Brandon coming home from a mission's trip to Brazil... we were only friends back then.

5 years ago, I was...
*23 years old
*Becoming a mom for the 1st time in January
*Married for 2 years
*Graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration in May
*Spending 7 months as a stay at home mom after graduating

My first good look at Chandler

Chunky cheeks!

Graduation was extra special as a mom of a 4 month old baby girl!

Thanksgiving 2003

3 years ago, I was...
*25 years old
*Working as a Ministry Assistant at our church
*Married for 4 years
*Excited that we were buying our 1st house!

Our house just before we bought it
It looks different now :)

Chandler and Me December 2005... the pile of notebooks on the table reminds me of all the work I had to bring home with me!

1 year ago, I was...
*27 years old
*A mom of two beautiful girls
*Married for 6 years
*Staying at home full time!

Riley was born in March 2007

Just me: Mother's Day 2007

My Family on Thanksgiving 2007
Dad and Mom
My Sister,Erin, and her husband, Joel
Me, Brandon, Chandler and Riley

This past year, I was...
*watching my baby have surgery
*watching Chandler turn 5 years old
*watching Riley turn ONE!
*going to my 1st UGA football game
*becoming obsessed with Twilight
*off on an adventure to Australia!
*having life changing surgery
*learning to take time for myself.

Riley's cyst removal: January 2008

Chandler's 5th Birthday Photo Shoot

Riley's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Our 1st UGA football game!

My Twilight Obsession!

Me & Charlie the Koala in Sydney, Australia!

Me just before surgery

Just Me: October 2008


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This was awesome!

What a journey life takes us on :)

Thanks for sharing it, the pictures were so neat to look at!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

me again...I have an award for you today, come by and get it ;)

Sara@ Butterville said...

What a cute post. I came over from Sarah@parsonage. she mentioned your obession with Twilight. Um, to be honest I haven't found many people that liked it. (One woman even said "It was boring and Edward should have just sucked Bella's blood and done us all a favor.")
She admitted to only reading the first book. So I am pleased to meet you. I enjoyed the books and scarfed them down in a week. That's 2460 pages in a week. I'm a stay at home Mommy of two! Do you know how negelected my children were, I would throw them cookies if they began to whine. I HAD to finish the story. I loved it. It was long in the middle but loved it. I am reading it again and a much slower pace. Nice to meet you.

misty said...

i came over from sarah's blog - she said it was a good blog so i wanted to check it out! i like it & will be back! :)
happy thursday