Friday, April 17, 2009

Chick Chatter...

Conversation between Chandler and Riley on the way to school this morning:

C: "Hey Riley! Guess what!"
R: "Wha Channer?"
C: "I'm going to the zoo today."
R: "Oooo. Cool."
C: "Yeah. It will be so much fun."
R: "Ok Channer."
C: "A LOT of fun."
R: "Ok Channer."

Obviously Riley was either
A) unimpressed with Chandler's field trip to the zoo.
B) didn't understand that Chandler was going to the zoo.
C) Wanted to see if she could irritate "Channer".

:) I'm kinda putting my money on a combo of B and C!


Grannysaurus said...

It sounds like a translation of Riley's reponse could be, "Okay, I heard you the first time. No need to labour the point."

Mummy McTavish said...

Those girls must be so much fun! I love little conversations between kids. I just wish I could remember them 5 minutes later.