Friday, April 24, 2009

ho chee!

no, we're not moving to china or studying chinese! lol

that's riley's newest "catch phrase"... "ho chee!"

any idea what it means?

"HOLD ME!" or maybe "HOLD YOU!" since lots of kids say that when they want to be picked up!

it makes me laugh every time she says it! and she says it A LOT!


Mummy McTavish said...

Ugh, toddler-ese can be tricky! Ho Chee is one we havent had. For ages Dragon would just stand in front of you and cry saying "waachoo" and I'd pick him up so I could try to figure out what he was saying. We figured out it was "want you" and it was in such a whinge so I refused to pick him up. We are still battling it but now I tell him if he wants a cuddle he has to say "cuddle please" or "up please" if he wants to be picked up. I only wish he remembered the first time every time... instead of needing to go through histerics each time.

Mum-me said...

How great that you have recorded this - my older children love to read their baby books where I wrote down all the funny words they said as babies. And they love to hear me tell stories about when they were little - which I would never remember if I hadn't written them down.

Amanda Miles said...

yes she says it in that video I have of her in the bathtub...I think she says it like three times! no idea what it means!