Thursday, April 23, 2009

New on the Twilight front...

Ok, you KNOW I've been in a bloggy-funk when I haven't posted ANYTHING Twilight related since January!!!

In case you aren't in on the Twilight craze... the movie based on the 2nd book in the series, New Moon, is currently being shot.

Because Jennifer loves me she sent me this link about New Moon the movie!

"The Wolf Pack"

Here are a few other sites for you to check out if you are interested in the upcoming movie... due to release in the U.S. November 20th of this year (Happy birthday Aunt Karen... guess what I'm giving you for your birthday? Can anyone say "movie tickets"?? lol)

Stephenie Meyer: New Moon Movie New Moon Movie

In other Twilight news...
The "go ahead" for the 3rd book has been given and here's part of an article about the director for "Eclipse":


Los Angeles, CA April 22, 2009 — Summit Entertainment announced today that David Slade has been hired to direct THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE from a screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third film in the studio's TWILIGHT film franchise based on the Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster book series, will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. The announcement was made by Erik Feig, Summit's President of Production.

Now, I for one, am a little confused about why they are choosing to go with yet another director when "New Moon" hasn't even finished shooting yet... but no one asked me my opinion when they were making this decision so I guess I'll just have to trust their judgement (whoever "they" are!).


Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

Sooo excited! Although, we'll be in Thailand when it comes out :( Hopefully I'll still get to see it! Glad you're posting again too!! :)

Mummy McTavish said...

What's twilight?

Okay, so I do know about twilight but haven't read any or seen the movie.

I know that the US editions of lots of books have different cover art so I'm not sure if this still holds but here every second book is doing a twilight style cover. I am guessing so people mistake it for one of the series and they get more sales. It sure makes browsing a bookstore boring, I know after working in a bookshop for over 10 years you usually can judge a book by it's cover. If they are copying a popular books cover art style then there's a good chance the inside is a poor imitation too.