Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can't believe I forgot to tell you...


Yes, I will be an aunt again... and according to my sister, I'll be a "real-life blood related aunt". Are their additional perks to be a blood related aunt as opposed to a marriage related aunt? I don't know. :)

So, sometime in December (she goes to her 1st doctors appointment next week) I'll have a new niece or nephew.

Chandler is rooting for a boy.
Joel (Erin's husband) is rooting for a boy.

I would kind of like a girl... I "know" girls.
But, a boy would kind of break up the "girlness" of family get togethers.
Plus, thanks to my cutie nephew, Colten, I'm learning about what boys like. :)
AND... Watching Jeremiah these past few months has been good practice!

And in other news... Chandler announced at dinner last night that she and Trevor said the Pledge of Allegance for the whole school!
I didn't know she even KNEW the pledge!


Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

I love this! What a big girl!
And yey Erin!

Miss Debbie said...

We are very happy for Erin and Joel. I know your parents must be excited. Great Job, Chan! We are proud of you.
Beautiful picture of you, Jen, in your costume. Would love to have seen you perform. Good news about the bathroom. I know you will be happy to begin that project!

Mummy McTavish said...

YAY a new baby to cuddle with no responsibility for it's messes. I love being an aunty.

The video sounds a lot like what happens at our place, the one in the background is lounder than the one you are trying to get on film! You did a great job Chandler, that's a lot to remember. At least you didn't do what my kids do and turn around and scream "BE QUIET MUMMY WANTS TO LISTEN TO ME NOT YOU" and we scratch another attempt at recording our 'perfect' life on video.

Evan_wallace said...

I dont know the pledge :p Beaten by a kindy girl.. how embaressing

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

How awesome - a big congrats to your sister!

And Chandler - you're awesome - way to go!