Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007 - Part I

Well the Miles family started celebrating Christmas on the 22nd this year. We packed up (I wish we had a picture of our explorer... it would have made you laugh! We were packed to the gills (as my dad would say) and even had the roof top carrier full of stuff) Saturday morning and hit the road with 1,000,000 of our closest friends. The traffic was ridiculous!!! Our normal 3.5 hour trip to Warner Robins took almost 5 hours!

We arrived in Warner Robins and Chandler immediately started asking, "can we open presents now??" After a quick sandwich, some fellowship, and a whiffle ball game Gran decided that Chandler had suffered enough and it was time to open presents!

Riley and Cousin Colten getting reacquainted after a little over a month.

Chandler's "Disney Princess" Christmas... there was much more than what you see here.

The music box was from Amanda. Chandler LOVES music boxes and always asks to play with Amanda's any time we are visiting... Great gift Amanda!!!

We gave Gran 5x7 photos of the girls that I had made the week before. They turned out GREAT!

Riley "opening" her presents. Notice she's not using her right arm. Anyone who knows much about Riley knows that she grabs EVERYTHING. Not so on Christmas....
She was extremely fussy ALL DAY! We fed her, changed her, put her down for a nap. Nothing helped. Finally about 9:00 that night Brandon said that he was pretty sure something was wrong with her arm. We would hold a toy near her right hand and she would reach across with her left hand to grab it. At 9:30 Gran told us about an Emergency Walk-In clinic that a man from their church owns. It was open until 10:00 so we bundled up Riley and hit the road.

She was diagnosed with "nursemaid's elbow". Basically at some point in the day someone must have pulled on her right arm and the elbow popped out of the socket... that would explain all of the fussiness and crying.

The doctor stretched our her arm, dug his thumb into the bend of her arm, and then bent it up quickly... we all heard the pop and the doctor said that was exactly what he was hoping to hear. Two minutes later Riley was happy as could be waving Brandon's keys all over the office with her right arm. It was AMAZING!

Cousin Colten

Sunday afternoon: Riley and Colten playing together with Riley's "pop-up" toy.

Sunday afternoon, taking it easy

On Sunday, Gran took Chandler to the park. They had a great time climbing, swinging and sliding. Even the cool weather cooperated!

Monday evening we loaded everything into the car (why does it always seem like you leave with more than you arrived with!?!?). Chandler was excited to get in the car and watch a movie... Thanks to Gran and Chief the girls each have their own DVD screen. That means Riley can actually watch the movie without having to strain to see what's playing in Chandler's lap!
Riley giggled and laughed all the way to Stockbridge, GA... the next stop on our Christmas Vacation!