Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Decorating for Christmas

For the past 2 days we have been decorating. I love to decorate for the different holidays and seasons of the year!

Here's Chandler with our Nativity. This is the Nativity that my sister and I used to help my parents set-up each year. It is EXTREMELY old. The bottom of the pieces say, "Made in West Germany". Lots of the pieces are chipped, but I love it. It holds so many memories. I didn't bore Chandler with them this year, but one day she will appreciate it.

Trying to explain that we must be VERY careful with the pieces. Her response, "Where's baby Jesus?" I told her about the angel (the one she is holding in the picture) I remember very vividly that my sister LOVED that angel. It was her favorite piece in the set. She always put it in the back of the stable watching over baby Jesus. Just for Erin, I suggested that we put her in the same spot.

Making final adjustments

The finished product. Actually I moved it to the top of the entertainment center... the pieces were just too tempting for little hands!!

Cookies: Arranged Chandler style!

After a little help from mom

Riley enjoying the cookie box

I gave her a mini-marshmallow. She didn't like the texture. She kept trying to drop it, but it would stick to her fingers! It never made it to her mouth... that's a first!

Cookies anyone?

Riley's 1st Christmas cookie. We had to finally remove the cookies from the room. She would have eaten them all!

The star!

The finished tree

Ahhh... looks yummy!

It is!

Have you tried this?! It tastes yummy, it's fragile and it's Hungarian!

Finally got one off the tree. Not so fragile or foreign!

The girls!

Riley's 1st Christmas Tree!


Marsha said...

Lovely, Lovely, family photos. I love the holidays.