Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007 - Part II

Well, Part II of the Miles Family Christmas begins in Stockbridge, GA. We have been having our family Christmas at my Grandmother's house since my parents, Erin and I moved to Florida in 1992. 1992 is also the year that my Grandfather passed away so I'm glad we started spending Christmas with her that year... I would have hated to think that she would have been all alone on Christmas morning! I love being able to spend Christmas with my Grandmama! We are the only grandkids (and great grandkids) that get to spend the morning with her. The whole family gets together later in the day, but we get her all to ourselves on Christmas morning. She is my last living grandparent, so getting to spend Christmas with her this year seemed a little extra special.

My dad (Squire) reading the Christmas story (on Christmas eve) from Chandler's super cool 1st Christmas pop-up book. Before Chandler was born, every Christmas eve, as long as I can remember, my dad has read the Christmas story (from the Bible, not a pop-up book!). After Chandler was born it was a little more difficult. Since Chandler knows the whole story now, and LOVES to tell the story, I thought this would be a good year to start back with our family tradition.

Christmas morning. Aunt Erin and a sleepy faced Riley.

Chocolate candy in Riley's stocking!

A puzzle from Grammy and Squire.

Grammy gets a Pyrex 9x13 dish with a carrier from Erin and Joel. She has needed one of these since BEFORE they were making them. I remember MANY church functions when we would search the house for a cardboard box to carry her pipping hot broccoli casserole!! Great gift Erin! Wish I had thought of it!! :)

A rain coat from Grammy and Squire. She was SO excited about this gift. After she got it on she said, "Hey! What about the boots??" Sorry Chan! Maybe next year!

Riley "eating" a present

Big sis stepped in to help. Riley was a Christmas rookie. Chandler is a pro.

"Grammy! You shouldn't have!"

Cinderella Legos!
Chandler claimed those pretty quick... she was bathing with them by that evening! Riley didn't mind sharing.

Play-doh from Erin and Joel

Chandler got a violin from Grammy and Squire. Here is Riley checking it out. It was the "hot" gift this year. I think everyone took a turn trying it out!

Here's one of my gifts. I was SO excited about it. I had talked to my mom about getting one, but I had pretty much forgotten about it. A Canon Pixma MP470 Special Edition All-in-One Photo Printer! I LOVE IT! Thanks mom and dad!!! (You may also notice, in the background to the left, the world's largest scrapbook supply gift... that was a pretty big shocker too!)

I couldn't wait to test it out. We pulled out some of Grandmama's old photos, scanned them in, and printed them out. It works great! Now I just have to find a place to put it!! :)

Here's Brandon's favorite gift. A mattock. It will be great in the yard and the garden this spring!!
Brandon observed that it could double as a weapon. My dad added that he was pretty sure you could drive the pick end all the way through a man's skull. I assured him that that made me feel MUCH better about Brandon using it! :)

After playing with all of our Christmas presents we loaded up into the car ONCE AGAIN, to head over to my Uncle Johnnie's house for lunch and MORE presents!