Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It doesn't get any more girly than this!

Yesterday I took Chandler to Wal-mart to pick out some tulle for a tutu I promised to make for her. She picked out pink and purple. We walked around around a little and, in true Chandler fashion, she changed her mind to pink and blue. The only blue they had was kind of a funky color so I convinced her to stay with pink and purple. The conversation went something like this.

"Mom, I don't want purple anymore. I want blue."

"Ok. Let's go back and look at blue. Chan, I don't think this blue would look very good with pink. Let's keep the purple."

"But mom! Riley can have purple. I'll have blue."

"So you would rather have a tutu that doesn't look very good and let Riley have the pretty tutu? That's very nice of you... Ok. You can have blue."

Chandler smiles an approving smile.

A minute later...
"Mom? I changed my mind. Riley can have blue. I'll take purple."

HA! That's what I thought! We didn't get any blue.

I worked on it last night and first thing this morning she wanted to try it on... Here are the results of my hard work! She didn't even waste time to take off her pjs.

These are all poses she learned in her ballet class this fall

1st position

High 5th


As I was writing this entry she came in to show me her new outfit....

Note the Princess crown and dress shoes that are too small. She does have shorts on. You just can't see them. :)


Marsha said...

Very cute!!!

Mathews Family said...

You are so crafty! The tutu looks fabulous!

Mathews Family said...

Ps. I think this would be a great gift for my nieces. Was it hard to make?