Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been pretty busy here! I've spent the last week preparing for my first "hair bow showing". More to come about that later...

So here it is... The Thanksgiving 2007 Family Photo!

The girls didn't want to cooperate for either picture, but at least made an attempt to smile (well, Chandler did anyway). Cousin Kristi planned crafts for all the kids so Chandler was more interested in that than a photo.

My Mom and Dad

Ok, my cousin Bobby wasn't with us this year. He is in the AirForce and currently stationed in Germany. We missed him so much and it was really weird not seeing him!! Each year Erin takes a picture with Bobby and his brother, Brett (pictured above). This picture is supposed to represent Bobby's absence and the sadness we felt as a result... I guess Erin has her arm around him "in spirit". :)

Riley enjoyed her 1st Thanksgiving. You can tell she really enjoyed the food... she's a messy eater!


kristy.lynn said...

it's crazy to see how your family has grown each year, and how everyone has changed! i love the pictures... riley is so stinkin' sweet!