Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let It Snow...


I'm not a big fan of the snow. Put me in a cabin somewhere with lots of food, hot chocolate, a fireplace and a big picture window and I'll watch the snow all day and enjoy it's beauty, but DON'T MAKE ME GO OUT IN IT!!!

The snow itself is fine. I just don't like the mess that goes along with it. Snowy, dripping shoes, wet shoe prints across my floors, gloves and hats drying all over the place. YUCK!

Here's a photo Brandon snapped at 8:00 this morning:

You can still see the grass pretty well in some spots and it isn't very deep on the porch.

Another reason I don't like the snow... the wet snow makes Chandler grumpy. We don't have "snow clothes" so we have to make due with what we have... little cotton gloves that adsorb all the moisture and hiking boots that adsorb all the moisture.
And today she couldn't even find her gloves so her hands were bright red and ice cold and she was even MORE grumpy than she normally would be.

Here's Riley's 1st time out in the snow.
You can tell in this picture that it snowed more between 8:00 and 9:00. You can't see as much of the grass and we were actually leaving pretty decent shoe prints on the deck.

Riley wasn't crazy about the snow, but she did want to touch it a little.

She likes to jump... the smile was about jumping NOT the cold snow. She actually started crying right after this picture and didn't stop until I got her inside and warmed up.
This picture shows the depth of the snow on the deck at about 9:15.

Great News!! (drenched in sarcasm!) I just looked outside and it's snowing EVEN HARDER! All of the show prints from this morning are disappearing.
It's curently 10:30 and here's proof of the new snow fall:

Little People Chick sitting in the snow on the table on our deck. He's about a 1/4 inch deep in snow.


kristy.lynn said...

i feel you on the snow. i will live NO WHERE EVER where it snows. i was such a miserable grump when we went to tahoe a couple of years ago, and never so happy to see grown men with white legs in shorts when we came home! :) lol.

judee d said...

I would love to go to the snow, but I am not sure if I could live in it.Good luck with the cold
Keep smiling and healthy